March 29, 2008

Episode 1: "...skittles and pop rocks."


Mike M. said...

Great episode guys. You had great movie guest Tim. You know I liked Doomsday. I thought it was fun and that it was made to be a tribute to all of those original movies. That grindhouse theater sounds awesome and I wish we had one.

Mike M.

T Mafia said...

Tyler Perry?!

Granted, there's lots of cash to be made pandering to aging and bitter women, but his movies really are crimes against cinema.

Vichus Smith said...

Tim! Your friend there was pretty cool. Glad to hear a different voice on the 'cast. What's his name, Ben Kingsley? Whatever :)

I'm not down with "black movies." Tyler Perry is no Spike Lee, but I haven't seen Perry's movies, so I can't say that positively.

You guys know more about being an actor in Hollywood than me, but I'm thinking that with a big budget movie, there's no love for the little guy; but with lower budgets, people know how it is to be starving, and they know how important it is for them to have people supporting them and standing in front of their camera.

Also, you must be deep in that quarter bin, Tim! The JL movie is on hold right now. People have been giving it a big thumbs down even before it started filming. People hate that it doesn't have the same actors playing Batman and Superman.

BTW, I liked Common in his little role in Smoking Aces.

Thoom said...


Let me get this straight:

If I plagarize every good movie for ideas (ideas which can't be copyrighted but the audience knows this stuff has been thought up by others and executed better) and add no original dialogue or idea of my own and offer nothing new to the audience...Then it's a tribute, not a ripoff? Check.

T-Mafia and Vichus;

I'm glad somebody else tilt toward my side on the "black movies". And I am generalizing because 95 per cent of the movies with black casts,witers and directors are...less than good. The other five per cent are dominated by Spike Lee or are named "Roll Bounce". (I was gonna write "less than stellar", but they don't even approach stellar.)

Kingslee supports black films simply because they are black films, which astounds me.


yeah, I'm out of touch with the movie world.

Barb M. said...

Hey Tim,
I absolutely loved this episode! I had so much fun listening to it and your back-and-forth banter with Kingslee was hilarious. Your reaction to him wanting to see Sex and The City was priceless. You definitely need to do more episodes together.

I'm like you, Tim, when it comes to Brent Ratner. I almost think that it's considered "chic" to rip on him in the media. People see his name attached to something and it's automatically considered horrible.

The kid on Little Miss Sunshine didn't talk because he was testing his strength and fortitude for going into the Air Force Academy. When he realized that he was color blind and wouldn't be allowed in then he lost it and started talking again. It wasn't an affliction that mysteriously disappeared.

I don't watch the show, but I see Camryn Manheim in commercials for The Ghost Whisperer.

All in all, a great episode!

Thoom said...


Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad i am not the only one who thinks Ratner is overrated.

i plan to have Kingslee back on the show soon.

Vichus Smith said...

I'm dying for the day when there's a comedy with a majority black cast that isn't pandering to people who like to scream "oh no he didn't" at the screen. I'm not hating on goofiness, but I am hating on 2 dimensional Soul Plane type shit. Yech.

XantesFire said...

I vote for an immediate pogrom of all actors who ever been on sitcoms on UPN and BET. I'm not being racial, it's just some people shouldn't live to "entertain".

Thoom-miester said...

I agree, XF; However, my future ex-wife, Rachel True, formerly of the UPN shitcom "half and half" shall be given a reprieve from the massacre.

Vichus Smith said...

Who's Thoom-miester? You're not Tim wearing a mask, are you? Anyway,I'll take the Homeboys from Outerspace (that's a real old reference) and basically all the ladies of UPN. The rest can burn.

XantesFire said...

I don't know about these exceptions you two are asking for, that's part of the reasons the jews survived. You don't purposely let a few termites live when you fumigate your house. They'll just start breeding again.

Vichus Smith said...

Although I'm down with jokes no matter what, I just imagined what you typed. Wow, that's not even nearly as fun as gunning down corny actors from goofy black TV.

XantesFire said...

Dude, termites are just bad news. Yes, I'm calling for a termite holocaust.