May 25, 2008

Episode 14: I knew Bucky Barnes, and you're no Bucky Barnes.


XantesFire said...

Ever heard of Penus Van Lesbian?

I don't get why Ironman couldn't have just said it was his day off. The story used to be that Ironman was employed by Tony Stark. So when does he get a day off? Besides, where do they get off on telling him when to show up for work? Stark signs his checks.

Rick Jones is bi. He was just looking for some Role play/NAMBLA love.

They did carry Captain America into the ship. The Cap on the roof is a skrull.

SatanicMuffin said...

Hey T-Thoom; I just blazed though the X-ian week stuff. Awesome man, you should definitely do some more sometime in the near future. Work your way though the religious comics circle.

Speaking of, I wonder if they have Islamic, Hindu, etc. comics out there. I'll have to check that one out sometime. heh