June 8, 2008

Episode 16: Stuck In The 90s (Hulk Week Pt.1)


Vichus Smith said...

Cancer kids? Nothing's worse to me than the cleft pallet kids who have their tooth stuck on their lip and their mouths permanently twisted open. Yech.

Hey T Mafia, are we going to get a bootleg review of Iron Man from you, or do we have to tune into Podcast X to get one?

Also, have you or Timmy Thoom ever seen the clip of Janet Jackson sunbathing, playing bongos using her ass cheeks? I found it oddly hot, but it's mostly because it's a candid moment no one was meant to see.

T Mafia said...

You win. Cleft palate kids are definitely more gross than cancer kids.

I don't know if I can stand to watch Iron Man again, even to review it. Though I'm impressed they could fill out two hours of film with only five minutes worth of story.

I did see that clip! I remember thinking, "Um...oookay..."

XantesFire said...

Cleft pallet, cancer kids? Simple solutuion, paper bags. Of course if her vagina lips are cleft too, that might be a problem.

Susan Phelps is the daughter of Fred Phelps, pastor of the Westboro Baptist church which runs the god hates fags movement.

Seriously, Fred Phelps seems like a gay in denial, so unhappy and constantly talking about gays and anal sex. He hates anything he thinks is unchristian. Most people don't like him.

On the other hand, Neil Patrick Harris, is a beloved actor and is openly gay. He says he's very content and happy with his personal and working life. I like Neil.

Just noting the differences if, oh, say someone was contemplating of being gay in denial and just showing some examples of both sides.

This version of the Hulk is usually refered to as the Professor.

Whoa. Never seen that clip before. Now I'm gonna be thinking about anal sex all day, but unlike Fred Phelps' anal sex thoughts, mine won't be gay.

Anonymous said...

I like U2 and Forrest Gump, screw you guys.


T Mafia said...

U2 started out great, then got boring as the 80s wound down (yes, I really do loathe The Joshua Tree.) They got interesting again in the 90s (note that I praised Achtung Baby in the show) but ultimately, and to this day, decided they'd rather make shitloads of money than good music.

And tards usually amuse me, but I hate Forrest Gump and so should you. After all, he says "shrimp" instead of "prawn" through the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

They're things that are important in my family. We all love U2, my mum and I went to Sydney just to see them in concert. And it was awesome!
One of the best ones I've ever seen, actually it was the first if you don't include the Wiggles.

Forrest Gump is my parent's all time favourite movie. They've seen it like 100 times. Even though I bought the DVD for my dad's birthday he still watches it whenever it's on TV.
He calls my mum his Jenny.
Oh and I'm wearing my Bubba Gump jacket from Hong Kong (seen in my Doom photo) right now.

But then again, you have no soul Trenchcoat, you're the kind of person who laughed when Tod's mum was shot in Fox and the Hound, or Old Yeller, or Bambi's mum.

Why can't you just let go of your negativity and let your heart be warmed by the Disney-esque innocent and beautiful things in this world?

God damnit, I'm I'm going to find your soft side one day!

thoom said...


The scene where the Black Panthers befriend a woman beater and watch him beat the shit out of his woman
THEN kick Forrest out of the building for defending her and kicking the crap out of the guy.

Great. These assholes and Bubba Gump were the representation of black people in the movie. And did the U.S. Army really enlist functionally retarded people to fight in the Vietnam War?

I like Gary Sinise but that was his worst performance.

I can't believe people who sound as cool as your parents condone this treacly piece of Americana Propaganda. I think you love it because it of the nostalgia factor in your own life...Could that be right?

Anonymous said...

Probably, the first time I watched it I was about 12.
Besides, sometimes you've got to shut out reality and just enjoy a story.