September 22, 2008

Countdown To StinkyCon 5: Even George Lucas Thinks This Comic Stinks


vichussmith said...

Tim, I need you to delete this podcast, take your hard drive out and burn it! I won't stand the anime blasphemy by your guests.

Hating on Naruto is, well, basically the norm; but to not watch anime is insane to me. There's an anime for everyone. There's loli anime for Trenchcoat, there's Yaoi for your Aussie screamer there, and there's even anime you'd enjoy, Tim.

T Mafia said...

The anti-anime (and by implication, manga) opinions expressed in this episode do not necessarily reflect those of Trenchcoat Mafia; but sadly, they do reflect those of most superhero geeks.

"Aussie screamer"?! May Courtney unleash her secret army of giant marsupials upon you.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what that means, but I do know I hate anime.

XantesFire said...

I told you guys before anime just means japanese cartoons, plenty of different styles available just that most of the ones the western world gets tend to be of the Robotech variation.

I don't like Akira nor Ghost in the Machine that much, I prefer Project A-Ko (if you ever watch it try the subtitled version first, the dubbed version tends to americanized censor some stuff especially the lesbianism.)

Another fave is Shin Chan, the manga is better, the anime seems like a japanese Filmation-the-final-years made it.

XantesFire said...

Oh yes, Starfire is gorgeous. (Warning, clip is nsfw.)

See another great innovation by japanese anime, tenacle rape.

You think the movie was bad with Pinhead switching sides, ever read the comic? Pinhead doing good while working on the behalf of the Leviathan.

Weird, I haven't seen Young Frankenstein either. I would start but I would get bored, always seemed a bit too jewy.

Weirder still, I think I didn't get into Naruto cause it seems a bit too jewy, too.

thoom said...

>>and there's even anime you'd enjoy, Tim.>>

No, there isn't. Really. I'll pass.

>>Weird, I haven't seen Young Frankenstein either. I would start but I would get bored,>>

Finally! someone else who has the same experience with the movie. That's just what I was--

>>always seemed a bit too jewy.>>

>>Weirder still, I think I didn't get into Naruto cause it seems a bit too jewy, too.>>

Just what this site was missing. A little Anti-Semiticism.

XantesFire said...

How's that anti-semitic? I'm not anti-gay, but I still will not watch gay porn because it's too much cock. I'm not anti-Mars bar, but I won't buy it cause I prefer Snickers. I'm definitely not anti-females as sex objects, but I won't watch Pussycats Dolls, seems like a waste of time if you have some females dressing like strippers and not getting naked.

It's not like I said Young Frankenstein is too jewy lets put them all in camps. Hmmm, you don't watch South Park do you?

T Mafia said...

Xantes, maybe we could put them in special know, to help their concentration...

Heil Cartman!

I remember reading exactly one story from those Hellraiser comics. Some teenaged bimbo was trying to open one of the puzzle boxes and her baby sister winds up doing it instead, so the innocent little kid's the one who winds up going to Hell. The end.

Project A-ko has the distinction of being the only anime Starhawk and I can agree rules, although in his case it's probably because of the Superman/Wonder Woman reveal/gag at the end.

XantesFire said...

I would have guessed Starhawk likes Project A-ko because of the school of ready young female asses awaiting the intrusion of the tri-cock.

If concentration camps will help, fine by me.