September 29, 2008

Episode 48: Mobbin' Out


Anonymous said...

This was one of your better episodes, it was paced really well. No tangenting like TC and I are wont to do.
And I like Captain Bentley, he sounds like Spanky Ham! He should come back sometime, he's funny.

What was the break song?


Thoom said...

Thanks. I plan to have Bentley back on the show.

The Break Song is "Into The Void" by Black Sabbath.

XantesFire said...

Casey Kasem, in case Bentley wants to know what he sounds like for future reference.

You did say a bishop was also aboard, but he didn't seem to say or do much after, was there a altar boy too?

Hello Kitty, you're one of the only two females left, I say you have alot of living to do now, mostly on your knees and on your back.

Making a new earth isn't as silly as when he went into the far future and he finds a used up and abandoned earth. So Superman splits the Earth into 2 halves, welds them together so it looks like a big bra. This is so all the minerals and raw material inside the earth can be used. Transplants an atomosphere, animals, plants and some poor cavemen shmucks to repop the world and then he leaves.

Shazam/Isis hour were both live action.

This is almost as bad as Fox's Woops!, a sitcom about 6 sterotypical survivors in a post-nuclear world. Black guy did most of the work, dumb blonde was dumb, homeless guy still homeless and smelly. Then Santa visits. Atleast Santa didn't visit New Earth.

This belongs in the Superman is a dick catagory. He flies millions of miles in a "soon" timespan to see if the earth is there but is too lazy to check up close?

Then the survivors fight an alien who wants to colonize New Earth? Stupid, sell it to them for tech and whatever interglactic currency there is and have Superman take you to a planet with other humans.

What did they do with the spare earth afterwards, anyway?