October 20, 2008

Countdown to Stinky Con 4: Bad Movies


vichussmith said...

Man, i almost didn't get this. Itunes skips it if you have two episodes in a row.

vichussmith said...

I loved this episode of Thoom. It's been a damn long time since Kingslee's been on, and after hearing him since he's been absent, I think I understand him now.

Kingslee is not a gay male. I realize that. Kingslee is an omnisexual alien sent to the earth to poke his finger in the spine of geekdom as an experiment to see how we wriggle in pain.

Kingslee, if you want light after watching such dark and hopeless movies like Dark Knight, I hope that after you watch a bleak film, you stand up and set yourself on fire in the middle of the theater. That'll bring light to the film.

I think if I ever met Kingslee in person and shook his hand, it would turn out like the end of Timecop, where the two Ron Silvers melded into a giant blob. I'm hoping that the next time Kingslee comes in, he has something positive to say about film.

Let me be negative about film now. Max Payne was an utter disappointment. Talk about not caring about one character; there's no one in here to love, or even like. Sometimes, a movie makes a better music video than a full film.

If I had to cut this film down to the good parts, I would cut it down to when, SPOILERS, Max Payne takes the drug Valkyr to stay alive, and goes fucking crazy. That's like 6 minutes of the film. Besides that, this movie was worthless.

For JD, I have an old video just for you, of your girl Deborah from Mad TV being crazy and pulling her titties out.

I know Alex Bornstein is just this little midget thing, but I think i'd fuck her mouth. Maybe it's because I enjoy Family Guy. That must be weird sex, hearing this chubby midget moaning in that voice.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was humanly possible to not enjoy Dark Knight.
Fuck you Kingslee!


PS- Godzilla was the first movie that made me cry. I was six-years-old and obsessed with dinosaurs. My pathetic child mind couldn't understand why these people wanted to kill an animal.
I watched it again recently and the design on Godzilla was nice but that was about it, the soundtrack pissed me off too.

vichussmith said...

You were 6 when what Godzilla came out? The 1990s version? I was like 17 or something then! What are you, just 18 now, Courtney?

I would say fuck Kingslee too, but I don't want him to disappear into a nunnery like he did after the last time he was on.

Anonymous said...

Close, I'm 16.

Thoom said...

Vichus wrote:
"I would say fuck Kingslee too, but I don't want him to disappear into a nunnery like he did after the last time he was on."

Kingslee doesn't listen to the show or visit the site. He occasionly half-heartedly asks for the url, and I say I'll e-mail him the link and then change the subject. Of course I'll "forget" to e-mail himm the link everytime.

This is the second time that you've said something to suggest that you want to hear Kingslee on the show. Face it, you love the guy.

XantesFire said...

That's weird, I could swear this is the first episode with JD on it and he didn't call anyone, "Faggot." What's with that?

I don't understand Kingsley's use of "bleak", if that's what the directors are going for in a movie and they get that across, isn't that a good thing? Is he only looking for cheery happy movies. But the reality may be still be bleak.

T Mafia said...

JD didn't use the word "faggot" this time since the other guest on this episode is, himself, a fa-- I mean, um, an "omnisexual".

vichussmith said...

I definitely love to hate the guy. When have I ever said to not have him on the show?

I hope there is really a heaven, like Kingslee so strongly believes; if there is a heaven, then there's a hell, so I want to go straight down there, rather than live eternally with Kingslee an his taste in entertainment.

Thoom said...

"I'm hoping that the next time Kingslee comes in, he has something positive to say about film."

To be fair, the episode was about BAD movies. We were all being negative.

XantesFire said...

Well, I'm sure he might be positive about "Brokeback Mountain". I, myself thought that movie was hilarious. Even the death scene was funny.

vichussmith said...

Fair enough, but I'd like the guy to not shit all over the mainstream. He did like Iron Man, kinda improved his opinion from the first time you guys reviewed it.

Vichus Smith said...

I bet Kingslee's excited about Zac Ephron's rise to fame.