October 27, 2008

Episode 52: Say 'Hi' to the Bad Guy


T Mafia said...

Batman, I couldn't agree more that you're not a superhero. A real hero doesn't drive a man to suicide (Batman #672), shoot himself up with heroin (Batman #678) or beat a defenseless man to death with a baseball bat (Batman #679.) What a wholesome role model you are!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might want to see this:

A white guy can turn into a black guy and when this happens it makes the sound "THOOM!".


XantesFire said...

So Timmy's white? I knew that.

What are you talking about? Bringing Guy Gardner back during Crisis was a great idea. If it was, oh say some other guy, we never seen before, that a Guardian found dumping trash in an alley you probably would put that down too.

Sure the Guardians could have picked any of their 4800 other lanterns, plus replacements, but by choosing Guy, they showed continuity.

And coming out of a coma somewhat different from how you were before, is not entirely heard of.

Also under the table diplomacy is not unheard of either.

T Mafia said...

First off, Batman, I apologize. I should've remembered that it was actually in #673 that you drove a man to suicide. Nice touch, you smiling in evil satisfaction at what you'd done, though.

And that Scans Daily page makes me wonder - Have we ever seen Tim and his "nemesis" Bruce Rosenberger in the same place at the same time?