November 9, 2008

Countdown To StinkyCon 2: American Doodie


XantesFire said...

TCM -Don't blame Spacey for not doing the virgin, he was following the writer's script. Writer's probably some christian closeted gay guy. Look at every scene where he's looking at the girl. He's imaginating all sorts of dirty old man stuff. Too bad it wasn't french, then the girl would be 13 and the guy would have done her and her mother.

Gladiator, I know I saw that, but I can't remember it at all.

What?! X-23 is Wolverine is for gay guys? I thought X-23 was Wolverine for girls. She's a cutter, shows how powerful no matter how powerful you think you are, you're just a girl. And she's an underage teen hooker, shows girls proper career choices.

I liked Sonic Disruptors. I just did.

Hippolyta is a horny slut. That's why she has daughters, Wonder Woman, Wonder girl and Wonder Tot. She would sneak off the island, get pregnant, hide it and pretend she made it out of clay. What happens when you make a Child of clay?

No, it was that world's Juggernaut and the other world's She-hulk. I hate recon.

T Mafia said...

Yeah, but I also blame X-23 for kicking this whole "chick version of funnybook dudes" thing into high gear - I mean, was fandom really clamoring for a "Miss Sinister"?

The She-Hulk/Juggernaut thing was a mess from the word "go". I reject Slott's Earth-A retcon anyway, as he also subtly tried to use it to disappear Marvel's best super-team. Nextwave lives!

XantesFire said...

TCM - What are you talking about? There been female versions of male superheroes probably since before Supergirl and Batgirl. Miss Sinister? What's next, Apocalady?

They really gotta stop retconning everything just cause the next writer liked his character the "old" way. Maybe fans as writers is not a good idea. Imagine if a slash writer started writing Ironman or Superman or even Green Arrow. Oh right, Judd Winick, well atleast they stopped him before printing.

T Mafia said...

I dunno; I'm with those who think Winick always subtly wrote Connor as gay. Ah, well; at least the long Winick-writing-GA nightmare is finally over.

XantesFire said...

Yeah but better writers wrote into it as him being extremely shy.