November 27, 2008

Episode 58:She-Hulk's Ass


XantesFire said...

I think Civil War and "One more day" are prime examples of why I think fanboys/writers should not have free reign over the comic characters any more. Characters acted so out of character you'ld think they were skrulls.

No one smokes in the Marvel universe anymore. Spider-man making deals with the devil. Captain America dead. Ironman tyrant. Atleast Planet Hulk and World War Hulk pretty much was 100% Hulk. Well, except for the losing part and the "noone every been killed by the Hulk unless he was attacked" crap.

Haven't they realized we don't like Spider-man Clone sagas?

T Mafia said...

Tim, the link to the Transformers episode here isn't working anymore. Of course, I suspect that Kingslee has finally guessed the URL of your blog, seen all the comments about him, and embarked on a vengeful campaign of sabotage.

XantesFire said...

Hey, What happened to the green ass?!
TCM, I think you maybe right about Kingslee. He found the site and is now hacking it. Replace ass shots with "righteous" violence.

Hey Thoom, where you been?

T Mafia said...

I assume Tim's around 'cause the Transformers post is fixed now.

But this one? Your theory makes sense. Kingslee would definitely replace a picture of a half-naked green nympho with one of two buff men manhandling each other.

XantesFire said...

Plus that scene will end in Kingslee's favorite type of pic. Beautiful bleeding lips.

Anonymous said...

She-Hulk's ass is made of fiber-optics. Now give me a new episode bitch!