March 1, 2009

Episode 63: Superhero Necrophilia

THOOM! reviews Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #121 (DC Comics,1969)
with T Mafia


Anonymous said...

"Sweet Caroline" is actually a pedo song about Caroline Kennedy.

T Mafia said...

Ah! Okay, cool; I feel a lot better about myself, now.

XantesFire said...

Jimmy used to have a mom in the early radio show and comics but they made him into an orphan to make him seem more sympathetic to Superman.

Even if they made comics as cheap as newspapers, they would have to get alot of advertisers.

Anonymous said...

I bought V for Vendetta today and it cost $35!
Earlier in the week I bought Richard Hammond's biography with 309 pages, several of those were of glossy photos and it only cost me $22.

There are four comic stores in Perth. Well three of them are actually just sub-culture stores that happen to carry comics and participate in Free Comic Book day.

Quality Comics is the only real comic store and I love it, it's down in a basement and looks like a comic store should. Mmm, the smell of old single issues.
I like the two guys who own the place, always happy to talk geek and tell me when my favouites will be coming out.
Of course whenever I walk into comic or gaming stores the clerks want to help me straight away.

But I love the walk from Tafe to the store and just being there, browsing and seeing things I didn't know about, the interactivity. You don't get that from downloading.
Better for your eyes too, screens will send you blind!

If only Marvel and DC had publishing houses over here. Then we wouldn't have to pay so much.


T Mafia said...

Xantes, I suspect Superman secretly killed Jimmy's mom to punish her for giving birth to him in the first place.

Courtney, $35 for a book that's not even $20 over here?! You just made a great case for online comics piracy (which of course, we should all support anyway; even if reading off a screen isn't the best thing for our eyes!)

You're right that decaying old comics smell good, though.

Of course whenever I walk into comic or gaming stores the clerks want to help me straight away.

That's because, being comic and game geeks, until you walked into their stores they had never seen an actual girl before.