March 30, 2009

Episode 69: The Business Model


Vichus Smith said...

I am on Xantes' side with this. Characters do not necessarily speak for an author, even if they break the fourth wall.

Tim is assuming that what a writer writes is some representation of the writer. Meaning that you can only tell stories based on your own ideologies. That makes for pretty limited storytelling, doesn't it? You can tell the story of a fucking dick even if you're a nice guy.

XantesFire said...

Whoo. I was more tired than I thought I was when Tim recorded me. I was talking in circles and missed a bunch of points. I should have brought up "Clockwork Orange".

You're right about basing your storytelling to your ideologies, Vichus, that would be very limited. Tim makes it seem like if you want the interesting, creepy, crazed villains in your story, you would have to be an interesting, creepy, crazed villain in real life. Imagine DC going to a mental institution to get a Batman/Joker story.

And he admitted he didn't read "Wanted". What do they call K&tG followers who think everything said by them is sacred?

Vichus Smith said...

Well, Tim also believes that he should beat his wife and knock her into a fireplace, because Tom Leykis did :)