April 13, 2009

Episode 73: My Giant Sized Man-Thing

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XantesFire said...

If you're alive? Suicide is not the answer.

Why is this animal hate so personal? Animals are great, you can play with them or eat them or both.

Sludge was boring.

"Cool picture of Man-Thing."
"Handle the Man-Thing."
"Kinda stiffy."

The Heap beats them both, 1942.

"Lunged at by the Man-Thing."
"Older Man-Thing issues."
"Man-Thing in a cage?" Or in a box?
"A ton of Man-Thing in a tank."
"Every kid would be afraid of Man-Thing."

DyingPoint in the Spider-Man movie is all those people aren't going to reveal Spider-Man, he just saved their lives. Or atleast try to match a name to the face.

Ah, so that's it. Even though you admit that Spider-Man identity mishaps have counterpoints that cover them you now have to preach your "Ironman isn't all bad" spiel.

There really was no security back in the 80's.

"Muck flying off the Man-Thing would hit somebody."
"Slams his body into Man-Thing."
"Man-Thing is a mess on the street."

I hope since you are an EMS driver that you will respect a hero's secret identity.

"Bringing Man-Thing to the city for no reason."