April 21, 2009

Episode 76: Why You Cryin'?


XantesFire said...

What's wrong with some people liking milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate? She did lose her appeal to me when she kissed Costner. And just getting with Bobby is ghetto.

By the way, at that concert you were filming, were the tired looking women, milk or dark?

What the fuck? You think the terrorists who sawed off heads is more barbaric than the people using guillotines? You do realize that having a guillotine made it way easier and faster to kill people, so they killed more? Besides, the terrorist were out in the field and in hiding. I'm sure if they could build and store a guillotine, to execute quicker and easier, they would. Remember, before the guillotine, there was the Axemen and the reason they retired them was cause to do the job you have to be really strong and precise. It wasn't always one chop.

By the way, the beheading video was boring.

Hamas? Dude you're getting your "people not liked by your government and neither should you" people mixed up. Hamas are Palestinians.

Wait a sec. Now you're saying that if a guy becomes rich he should drop his old teacher wife and get a supermodel?

Of course you shouldn't write people you care about as characters in your story. Now you know the little girl isn't gonna be molested by the Ice Cream Man or the wife raped by whoever. It becomes boring.

Why shouldn't Wolfman sue? He didn't know at the time how popular his stuff would become.

Thoom said...

By the way, at that concert you were filming, were the tired looking women, milk or dark?

They were the kind of chocolate that you find at a shitty corner store: stale and old.

Thoom said...

>>By the way, the beheading video was boring.>>

During editing I thought "I should've clarified: I am not talking about XantesFire, because I know he will say something like 'I was eating a hot dog while watching this video. Not enough gore', something like that."

XantesFire said...

So it was dark chocolate.

Anonymous said...
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