May 20, 2009

Episode 82: Uhura's a Mouthy Bitch

(Star Trek spoilers between approx. 00:04:00 minutes and 00:17:45)


Anonymous said...

Yup I agree with James, Prince Nuada is one cool ass villain. Tim, you should check that movie out, seriously.

Thanks for the mental image of Uhura fellating Spock's deformed penis. What is this? Podcast X? :P

The snow creature reminded me of the Cloverfield monster. I wouldn't be surprised if that was suppose to be an easter egg for JJ Abrams fans.

Knowing isn't necessarily against gays. They picked a male & female to create the new race. What would be the point of bringing 2 dudes to not reproduce. Still, I get a chuckle from that "No Fags" comment.

Wow, JD would rather have a guy's ass in front of his face or kiss Zachary Quinto, then watch the new Transformers. He's come a long way from recommending Armageddon to his friends.

Josh Duhamel must be a big golden shower fan since he's with Fergy. And Megan Fox is way out of his league.

Batman Begins being 55 cents is a crime against cinema and LXG costing more is just salt on the wound.

The only benefit of Obsessed opening #1 is that black guy in it is one step closer to being cast as Luke Cage. That dude sooo fits the role.

District 9's trailer is very interesting. Reminds me of Cloverfield's. Very minimal and shot in that cinema verite style. More trailers need to be like this instead of showing us the whole movie in a minute.

You can see the alien's face in this trailer. Which makes the alien seem sympathetic as opposed to menacing. It's great what editing can accomplish.

Eddie Murphy needs to reinvent his carrer with a good legitimate film like Jim Carry did with Eternal Sunshine or Sandler with Punch Drunk Love. Although both Carry & Sandler are back to their dumb ass comedies again. For shame.

Fan favorite, Brett "The Hack" Ratner, was rumored to direct the new Beverly Hills Cop. He's also rumored to direct God of War, Guitar Hero, Conan, Harbinger, a Frank Sinatra biopic, a black Ocean's Eleven, and Young Blood. So take that with a heavy grain of salt.

Like Kingslee, I'm also a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson, not to be confused with Paul W.S.(Worth Shit) Anderson, and I found myself a bit dissapointed with There Will Be Blood. Almost everything was efficiently handled. From photography, score, performances, editing, and directing. But the subject matter just didn't appeal to me. On the bright side, at least he did something original, so I respectfully dislike that film. Really curious to see what his next project will be. He's definately one of the better directors working today, behind the Cinematic Masters Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Park Chan-wook.

JD talking about exiling his theoritical son to Buffalo was fucking jokes.
"Don't get in my way boy. Gotta build the empire. Take my son to get some candy."

Another solid show. Keep em coming, Brotha! And thanks again.

Thoom said...

>>Josh Duhamel must be a big golden shower fan since he's with Fergy. And Megan Fox is way out of his league.>>

Thanks again for the comments.
If Brian Austin Green could get Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel can get Megan Fox.

Vichus Smith said...

I think that Zachary Quinto- gay stoner or not- is the best thing about Heroes, especially this season. I do agree that Zachary Quinto is not intimidating, but he is a good creep.

I second Prince Nuada as a good villain, and that dude also played a good villain in Blade 2. Hellboy 2, however, was more funny than pulse-pounding excitement.

It's funny that Josh Duhammel could have gotten Megan Fox, but he went with Fergie instead, and Megan Fox could have gone with Josh, but she went for BAG- Brian Austin Green. They should switch couples.

Finally, you didn't have to tell me that JD "works closely" with gay actors. We've always suspected.

Anonymous said...

"If Brian Austin Green could get Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel can get Megan Fox."

Good point.

"I second Prince Nuada as a good villain, and that dude also played a good villain in Blade 2."

Yup, Nomack was indeed an effective foil to Blade. And I like that he fights differently from Nuada. He's got a more urban rough and tumble style whereas Nuada is more of a graceful, agile skilled fighter. One thing though, why didn't they just call him Morbius. That would have been a lot cooler for comic fans as opposed to making up a new character and naming him Nomack.

- The Wreck Roar

XantesFire said...

The "Can't interact with your past self" rule is not set in stone, it's just something a person will or won't use in their time traveling story.

Bones mentioned at times of feeling uncomfortable using the transporter during Star Trek tv series. In Star Trek the Motion Picture, a couple of people were scrambled and died, right before they used it to beam him up, so I think he might have a right to be uncomfortable.

Rabbits breed fast so that's probably gonna be the food supply in Knowing.

Wait a sec, JD thinks the aliens were religious, the new world is being filled with boys and girls away from their parents. What usually happens when young boys and girls away from their parents get mixed up with religion? Damn, it's a movie about successfully kidnapping a bunch of little boys and girls to get ass-raped.

I think Eddie Murphy said he likes doing movies his kids can watch. Them some dumb kids.

Vichus, so does that mean all of Tim's friends are gay in denial?

Vichus Smith said...

No, JD is well aware of his gayness. He uses women as his placeholder fucks until he can find the right man to finally be with. That man just may be Kingslee, I don't know. Until then, JD keeps his ties to homosexuality by gay bashing as often as he can.

I follow Timecop rules of time travel. I would never get in contact with my past self. That's a messy cleanup. Plus, I follow timecop rules because Marty McFly can't do splits.

XantesFire said...

The time rules you follow are irrelevant compare to the writer(s) of the media you are "enjoying" at the moment. Usually they go with the "rules" that make for the most entertaining. DC pre-crisis used to have that you can never meet yourself in the past, "the same object cannot exist in two place at the same time." So time traveling Superman would be a phantom unable to interact with anything, when visiting a time period where he has existed. The only reason Timecop did the merging thing would be cause of the potentially cool graphics.