July 3, 2009

JD speaks out against Ignorance!


I was scheduled to perform my magic show, 'MIND, POWER & MAGIC' for the ORANGE COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM (OCLS) for the month of June. The month-long show was cancelled due to a complaint from my prior show in 2007. I performed 2 free magic shows for the OCLS in 2007 and in the 2nd show some ignorant parents took issue with my humor and tricks. Even though the majority of the parents and kids enjoyed it, ignorance reared its ugly head. That same ignorance and the non-defense from a particular library staff caused 'MIND, POWER & MAGIC' to be cancelled. A library is an aboundant place for free knowledge and it's too bad ignorance have access to the library as well. As I pointed out to the OCLS Board of directors, Board of trustees and its CEO they have other events like HARRY POTTER, TWILIGHT and Wrestlers (which just advocates violence), do they receive complaints from them? If so, what actions are taken, if any? As long as ignorance breeds ignorance, children of the future will be sensitive, weak and idiotic. You would think the last place ignorance would dwell would be a library, huh?



Thoom said...

How can this motherfucker claim to be against ignorance all of a sudden? For the past year, he's represented ignorance so well on the THOOM! radio show.

XantesFire said...

J.D has kids?

What was the complaint from the parents?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of jokes JD told at his show.

Those parents probably overreacted like that asian chick he wrote that erotic script to.

- The Wreck Roar

XantesFire said...

The asian chick didn't overreact, her friend at work who read his script when she wasn't suppose to, did. The asian chick was stupid by leaving the script in a place children could get it. I still say he should have gotten some "you owe me" pussy.

Thoom said...

>>J.D has kids?>>

No. Thank goodness. Where'd you get that from in the text?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, it was the dumbass friend that tattled. My bad.

>> No. Thank goodness. Where'd you get that from in the text? >>

He says he has 2 kids on his site. But I guess he was playing around. What a trickster.

- The Wreck Roar

Vichus Smith said...

Well, JD, if you

BTW, Tim, can you introduce this motherfucking JD to wordpress, squarespace or something? He knows that shit is free, right? I think it only takes like 20 bucks to integrate it in your website.

I don't know what I like less: his "artwork" his random pictures of women, his lack of content, or his html from 1994 design asthetic.

XantesFire said...

I blame his kids for his website.

Vichus Smith said...

Oh shit, forgot to add:

JD, if you'd stop asking kids to play "pants puppet" with you, then maybe your ass would get hired more often.

"Hey kids, the pants puppet is gonna throw up. Open your mouths!"

I support your bisexuality, but taking advantage of dumb kids is just wrong.

Thoom said...


Vichus Smith said...

I'm serious!!

Anonymous said...


I am Roman Polanski and just let me say that both Vicious and Vichus Smith would be my next ASS-MEAL!!!!

Little cute Vicious says, 'I don't know what I like less, his pictures of random woman or his artwork'....guess what little Vicious....I like your ass ontop of my DICK!!!! Just ask the scrotum sucking moderator on of this 1968 designed website.


vichussmith said...

Thank you, anonymous person who didn't leave so much as a nickname, for your beautiful and insightful comments on Thoom and me, personally.

I don't know who this Vicious guy you're talking is, but I'm sure he's just as great as I, the man who calls himself Vichus Smith, am.

As for this website, I cannot disagree that the mechanics of it are shit and blogger.com should be ripped out of the internet and lynched.

So, in short, thank you JD, um, I mean anonymous passer-by, for LOVING Thoom and continuing to listen. You really outshine me as the greatest listener and friend Tim Terrel has ever had.

PS: Roman Polanski was heterosexual, so I don't know why he would prefer sexual intercourse with me. He only participated in sex acts with girls of a certain age. Thank you.