September 9, 2009

BPDP 6: Negroes Always Cryin'


XantesFire said...

I used to own a record with the Justice League song. Bought it at a flea market. (ah, flea markets.) It had several JLA member solo stories. I gotta find it, haven't heard it in over 20 years yet I remember it almost all by heart.

J.D has only seen 2 porns in his whole life? Sounds like he'll have to stop renting videos for free from the library and get faster internet than dial-up.

Judge Joe Brown would berate that guy for having so many kids and putting himself in sed situation. Judge Joe Brown doesn't give sympathy for hormonal stupidity.

What? People can have a sex life and not get caught. Store and use condoms properly. Never use a condom she has had private access to. Use Spermicide. Use Plan B. Use Plan Stairway B.

Vichus Smith said...

Did Public Enemies come out yet? JD said he watched it, right?

If so, I can't believe I'm behind on movies- compared to a "starving artist" like JD

JD is right about the Young Aevngers DVD. I expected to hate it, but it was dark and it was really good.

WOW, there is a movie called "The Key" in like every language and in every damn decade! I guess the Key JD was talking about (The one from 2008) has a smoking hot 2.5/10.

I can't hate on Stern, because his show got me to stop listening to crappy music stations, but listen to Opie and Anthony on Sirius 197. Howard don't even work on Fridays.

OR, if JD would stop being black for a minute and learn how to use the resources of the internet, he could download all the radio he wants to and listen to Howard, O&A, whatever; and while he's illegally downloading that, he can also download some good ass porn. Pornography is my fucking religion. Pussy lips are my chapter and verse!

JD also needs to search his local library for some fucking Justice League DVDs. That's when DC comics readers loved McDuffie, not the McDuffie who had his hands tied and wrote garbage JLA issues, PLUS had white people mad that he had more than one negro in the team roster.

McDuffie's JLA was so bad that they have to bring original JLA members from the dead in Blackest Night so they can eventually have a JLA team people want to read again.

Thoom said...

I'd rather listen to a repeat of Stern from the year 2000, 3 days in a row than listen to three days of live Opie and Anthony.

Anonymous said...

I officially hate you now.

XantesFire said...

I used to love listening to Howard Stern back in the 80's, he was more original back then, he wasn't just surrounded by yes-men and Robbin used to have her own voice instead of being his "Ed Mcmahon" clone.

Anonymous said...

80s? How old are you?

Like I said, I have much respect for Stern, but I feel his best days are behind him. He got way too full of himself in the late 90s to the end of his days on stupid terrestrial radio.

T Mafia said...

I still like Stern but yeah, he's...changed.

XantesFire said...

39, it's on my profile.

I tried watching the tv version of his show a few years ago, it was so boring. Half naked chicks, how the hell does that get boring? Okay, it was pixelated, but still. Fat slob guy number 1 squeezing naked titty. Fat slob number 2 laughing and making kindergarden level jokes. Robbin laughing and saying, "You're so right, Howard." And Howard Stern looks like he's coked up and bored. Maybe some celebrities should be killed in their prime by their stalkers. Fart-Man ?! 10 seconds before he showed up in costume would have been perfect.

Anonymous said...

You know there's only one b in Robin, like Batman's sidekick. She's not stealing anything, although some might argue she's stealing a paycheck.

XantesFire said...

Who said anything about Robin stealing anything? What are you racist? So what, she's black. Doesn't mean she's stealing.

Anonymous said...

You're the one who's been calling her Robbin.

I don't think she steals. but she's black, so she has to be guilty of something.

XantesFire said...

Oh, I missed that completely.

Speaking of missing stuff completely. I'm cleaning up/organizing a section of my room, and I'm going thru a short box full of Hulks, New Universe and other miscellaneous. Suddenly I find a 36 pack of Trojan condoms. I misplaced these 10 years ago. I torn up my room looking for them, I finally had to run a mile to borrow money from a friend, goto a 24hr store to buy more, then rushed over 2 more miles to my then girlfriend's house. All this time there were no more that 10 feet away. Expired 2002.

Thoom said...

I found the The Justice League song on, but more Power Records are here.

I liked The Howard Stern Show all the way up until they left (anything but) free radio and thought the show got better when Jackie left and Artie came on board. I can't say whether it is still good, but in the clips I heard, the show doesn't sound any worse, especially with stuff like Artie attempting to beat up his assistant on the air.

Xantes, all that for a condom? Aren't you some kind of latino? Why didn't you just go raw dog? Man, you are a disappointment to your people.

XantesFire said...

Yeah I know. A couple of years ago my grandmother asked me when I was gonna give her grandkids. I told her once I found a girl I could settle down with. She says just go get one of my girlfriends pregnant. I thought she was joking around or I misunderstood. Nope, my grandmother wanted me to go get any chick pregnant. I basically avoided talking to her after that.

See, I'm from the projects. All my life I seen guys knock up girls, end up being tied down to lives they hadn't planned for. Sometimes girls they don't even like. If they don't end up married then sometimes they end up with the obligations for the kids. Sure some are happy with how their lives ended up, but it's not what they wanted. Sometimes they just run off. Seriously I don't get why there aren't more project guys NOT getting girls pregnant. They have free condoms at the clinic.

So begging a friend for money and running around for condoms, is a small price to pay to make sure I'm STD and offspring free. And it was for a 36 pack. Condoms are much cheaper than diapers.

Anonymous said...

Xantes just realized that if you knock up a chick, you have less time for reading comics.

Stern, without a doubt, has an eye for comedy. Artie's hilarious as fuck, but that's not to say Jackie wasn't funny back in the day. I'm mad that I wasn't able to listen to Stern in the Billy West days!

I'm just glad that Stern didn't rot on free radio. He's going out saying cunt, and with 500 million (before taxes) in his pocket.

XantesFire said...

That's what "settle down" means. Less time for my stuff because I got a useless little parasite to take care of. Less time for comics, less time for tv and movies, less time for parties and dating, less time to stare at the paint drying on my wall.

I got nephews, I know what it means to not be able to do what you want.

Thoom said...

>>useless little parasite>>

Joe Jackson, Richard Williams (father of Serena and Venus)and Matthew Knowles would disagree.

XantesFire said...

So would my grandmother, but I would be the one who would have to take care of my useless little parasite.

Anonymous said...

From; Howard Stern;

As you all may know I have approximately 13 months on my Sirius contract. Enjoy me while you can.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't know Howie had so much of a problem with punctuation.

Well, since Howard takes off Fridays and has probably the most vacation time of any regular radio personality (with the exception of the celebrity radio hosts like Oprah and Martha Stewart), it wouldn't be much of a surprise if he just retired.

Still, I couldn't imagine Howard giving up his throne. I also couldn't have imagined that he would get married again and vacation in the Hamptons.