November 22, 2009

Episode 123: Breasts

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XantesFire said...

Sometimes I donate or buy stuff from webcomics or internet musicians. Buying is usually cheaper this way and we cut out the big corporations. Donating, sometimes I donated way more than I would have spent if I had just bought the product.

Pilgrim bitches would be cooking. Indian bitches were kept safe at home from the puritan pedophiles. They heard about John Smith.

The Real Thanksgiving.

Black Adder's frame up.

Pebbles and Bam-Bam were actually five years old during their "teenage" years. Cavemen mature fast.

Polanski's "victim" wasn't a vaginal virgin, she admitted her boyfriend took care of that.

I never would use the "no tail" defense, that can easily be rebuttal by "chimps have no tail."

I admitted that Penguin is considered offensive in today's America, my argument is that it's not offensive as you think in Mexico.

True I'm not a Mexican but I did grow up in Hispanic neighborhoods and most of the people loved Pinguin.

I used your link to the blogger to show you what atleast one Mexican thought of Pinguin. I never said there isn't racism in Mexico just that it doesn't have the same history and meaning as the US. I told you that the lines are usually financial, it's the rich vs the poor. Because many of the rich are descendants from the Spaniards who took over they are more likely white but not all. ANd that Mexican slaves were brown, black and financially poor white. But I do wonder if there is a US influence on black racism. Especially since when Mexicans come here they are usually competing with blacks for low end labor jobs.

"Thanks for my Child", I remember hearing this song on the radio and thinking it was about incest. Probably because I had just seen Psycho for the first time.

How many parts is this one gonna be if you haven't even passed the music of the time section?