March 31, 2010

THOOM vs. Howard The Duck 2

Howard The Duck #2 (March,1976) The debut of the Kidney Lady.

show notes



XantesFire said...

Is that guy spam?

More whispering? Should it be called the whispercast?

I loved the theme from S.W.A.T, I used to play it all the time when I was a kid. I should have known then I was strange.

Yeah it does make sense the guy wants to experience danger. He's a pretentious artist with a exaggerated self image. He seems to believe that all it takes to solve the world's problems is him.

Anonymous said...

So that's where LL Cool J(his hat is like a shark's fin) took that sample from, the beginning of the SWAT theme. That's pretty cool that a tv theme makes it into the top 5. Would never happen today and doesn't help that most contemparary tv theme songs are now less than 5 seconds.

I have an old he-man action figure that looks like the Muurks.

Beverly being like a sister to Arthur probably makes it even hotter for him. And speaking of hot incestual tension, didn't Robert Howard have a thing with his mom. Like they were really really close. Think I remember hearing TCM say something like that in a PCX review.

Yeah it doesn't make sense for Arthur to want something dangerous to occur during his shift. It would be more realistic if he was working on ideas for his writing or secretly listening to Howard Stern all night.

The kidney lady reminds me of Mama Fertelli from the Goonies or the killer from the Black Christmas remake. Scary.

I'm really impressed with the art of these Howard the Duck issues except that the coloring is a bit drab. I know this a common thing for old comic books but it really is a shame. With vivid coloring to punctuate the art, these great drawings would be even better.

I got all these back issues downloaded so I'm ready for some more. By the way, I'm diggin the music synching during the top 5. Good stuff.

- WR