May 19, 2010

THOOM 139:The Return of Toe-naaay!

THOOM! is joined by JD and Courtney to talk about Iron Man 2 (again), being hit on by a Clone Trooper and Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla.


Please give constructive criticism to Courtney's character designs and costumes.


Wreck Roar said...

Is this what I think it is? Either way should be good. Downloading now.

Wreck Roar said...

Holy Shit! That was EXPLOSIVE!!!

You know those amazing crossovers you fantasize over but in reality, for whatever reason, they end up being a tad disappointing. This is soooooo not one of those. This a dream crossover come to life. I fucking loved this episode. It was everything I imagined and more. Electric dynamic between all the hosts. I especially enjoyed JD's blatantly sexual comments towards Courtney. "Say Nigger for me" elicited a genuine spit take from me. Usually JD holds back when there's a 3rd co-host on the show but here he was full force unstoppable.

The worst of both worlds (at least to James) would be Ice T in Tank Girl, a kangaroo black man.

JD - "Tim you still there."

Tim - "What?? I'm the host of the show."


I agree with JD, Wanted is a great action flick. Loom of Doom and all other goofy things considered, it's still pretty badass. The score by Danny Elfman was very fitting and veered away from typical Elfman which is nice. Plus, you can't go wrong with McAvoy.

Iron Man 2 takes place before The Incredible Hulk so the scenario JD wants wouldn't work.

Jessica Biel was mentioned and the terms pig, nasty, or stank-ass weren't used.

Didn't see it yet but from the trailers of IM2 it looks like Black Widow is incorporating lucha libre in her fighting.

I remember liking Shrek 2 when it came out so maybe Shrek 4 will be good. Though I'm kind of pissed it's gonna take away the younger crowd from Prince of Persia.

I saw Book of Eli 2 days ago when it came out on the net and I can see why James loves it. A religious movie that focuses on a single black man kicking major ass for the lord. Total fantasy fulfillment. It helps that said kicking ass is executed with so much style and flare. No complaints from me when it comes to the action of the movie. But some complaints when it comes to the script which hinders the overall pace of the movie. I appreciate all the survival elements like the salvaging and hunting but moments like where Mila Kunis mimics Denzel and asks her mother to pray before eating, were a bit clunky. On the plus side, Gary Oldman delivers another exceptional performance as the main antagonist and I gain even more respect for the man. He's not above taking a role in a genre movie. He doesn't phone in a performance or recycle one of his existing characters. He develops a new full-on character and acts his ass off. The dude is like a fucking Megatron transforming and shit.

That stalker Clone Trooper dude is so gonna listen to this episode. Hi dude. Nice try but more subtlety next time.

"Fat Robin Hood" Heh Heh.

I will admit, I was wrong about Iron Man 2 making Dark Knight money but I'm glad it didn't.

JD as Lando & Courtney as Leia. Does that mean TCM is Han Solo.

Tim - "You're just like the Clone Trooper. What's the difference between you and him?"

JD - "I'm Darth Vader, bitch."


"Stuck out like a sore dick"
Gotta use that one in the future.

Wreck Roar said...

You love westerns eh Courtney. The Good, The Bad, The Weird is essential viewing. The best western in my opinion.


I used that triumphant song appropriately titled "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" for the end confessional during the JD show. Ever since I saw TGTBTW, the Kill Bill version of that song became obsolete and weakened the fight between Orin & Beatrix.

Carlyle and I don't usually agree so I was stunned when he discredited Ebert. I've always thought that about Siskel & Ebert. That's just way too observant to come from Carlyle. I'm use to him bullshitting to get one of his points across.

Transformers 2 has the best CG in a movie so far. Alice in Wonderland has moments where the CG rival it but as a whole package, Revenge of the Fallen is tops. Avatar's CG isn't all that magnificent if you see it on dvd/blu-ray.

"Have you ever heard of Mozart?"

Best question.

Irreversible > Memento every time. In terms of both entertainment and film-making.

I rarely go to theaters. Like JD said, more movies are coming out on DVD 3 months after theatrical release which translates to 2 months and a week for torrents.

As far as Courtney's work, I like the character designs especially Silencer, Amelia Harker, Nydoc, and Kaelin. I'm not fashion savvy but I think all the costumes look very good. In the Deadpool picture she looks more like Amelia Pond than Zooey Deschanel.

Tim, Major credit must be given to you for steering the ship and getting this show together. Again, I really really dug it and it met my high expectations of a fantasy crossover.

Vichus Smith said...

Courtney, you shouldn't have said anything, because now this is who I see when I see you. Not a bad person to be compared to.

BTW, This is your warning, Courtney. That is what JD has in mind for you.

pyrothemaniac said...

No shit he wants to get in my pants.
But we're seperated by oceans and continents.
I just find it amusing that he seems to think he can change my mind on virginity.

Oh and I don't look like that ranga from Doctor Who.

vichussmith said...

JD will pioneer the technology to virtually bang young Aussies via the internet- just as soon as he gets off of dial-up.

Dunno what a ranga is, but it sounds mean. Zooey was in Doctor Who?

Before this, I would have just said that you were a twisted version of Mery Jane Watson, but now i have an actual person to compare you to.

XantesFire said...

No math? But it's Science.

Thoom, what? Young girl, old guy, inappropriate? What isolated world are you from?

I always see Yul Brynner like this. In real life I always figure this was the pre-rape scene.

Again with Sisko? Why do you care about a really old man's opinions? Useless old people opinions

Meagan Fox is out of Transformers 3, does it matter anyway?

Actually some sources say Edison didn't want to use ac because he wanted to keep it expensive and for the upperclass.
Edison was not the discoverer of electricity, the Ancient Greeks knew it existed. "Modern age" started making use of it in the 1600's.

Momento was a great movie.

Heimdall is probably black because of the obvious joke.
-Isn't Heimdall suppose to be the "white god"?
-Well, yes. But after guarding the Bridge under the hot sun for thousands of years, his skin darken a little.(Pans to the black man)

Careful JD might actually be after your brothers and the rest is just a ruse.

Wanted was okay if I hadn't read the comic book. I wanted to see the DC villains win. And it just seemed so moronic that they were taking orders from a sewing machine.

Jailbait reminds me of how Courtney used to be. Now she wants end up as a virgin ala Tesla?

Thoom said...

>>This a dream crossover come to life.>>

Even better than Sly and Arnie in the Expendables?

>>Though I'm kind of pissed it's gonna take away the younger crowd from Prince of Persia.>>

I don't see the appeal of that movie. It has the appeal of a Brendan Frasier movie, to me.

>>Courtney, you shouldn't have said anything, because now this is who I see when I see you. Not a bad person to be compared to.>>

Courtney DOES resemble Zooey. But Zooey's eyes are more surreal, bigger and more childlike, i.e. creepy.

>>BTW, This is your warning, Courtney. That is what JD has in mind for you.>>

For JD and Courtney, change the height around in that scenario. Man, Selma Blair is unattractive in the face. From afar she was hot. Up close, eeeww.

>>Momento was a great movie.>>

No, it wasn't. Joey Pants had to explain everything at the end of the movie. Show, don't tell. The movie sucked either way.

XantesFire said...

Are you kidding? If you were paying attention to the movie you didn't need the explanation. The only thing that may have needed the clarification was that the story of the drug overdose was his fault and not a story being told. And besides plenty of good movies do that at the end.

pyrothemaniac said...

You said I looked like Amy Pond, from Doctor Who right?
She has red hair, hence the term 'ranga'. Short for orange.

vichussmith said...

Nope, that wasn't me.

Thoom said...

>>Are you kidding? If you were paying attention to the movie you didn't need the explanation.>>

It was convoluted and uninteresting.
That's my opinion.

pyrothemaniac said...

Oh I thought Roar wrote both those comments.

vichussmith said...

At least he didn't say that you look like Kirsten Dunst.

Wreck Roar said...

Even better than Sly and Arnie in the Expendables?

I don't like Sylvester Stalone but yeah, this was an amazing podcast crossover.

I don't see the appeal of that movie. It has the appeal of a Brendan Frasier movie, to me.

I'll admit I'm pretty damn biased towards this movie. Minus the original 2D iterations and the Sands of Time, which is where the movie got it's namesake, I love the Prince of Persia game series.

Oh and I don't look like that ranga from Doctor Who.

I may have dead eyes but you kinda look like her in that Deadpool pic. Maybe I'm just projecting since you seem like someone who would make a perfect companion. Anyways, is looking like her such a bad thing? She's hot.

Regarding Memento, I haven't seen it since it came out but I remember feeling like it was highly over-rated and very slow-paced. But I should really re-watch it cause my film sensibilities have changed drastically since then. Though I'm almost positive it won't be better than Irreversible.

pyrothemaniac said...

I wasn't insulted by the comparison, it's easy to misinterpret without hearing my intended tone.
I was merely stating fact, we simply do not share any common physical features other than both being caucasian females.

It's odd, people seem to talk about who I look like alot. I don't know if that happens to everyone else, but it seems like it's just me.

vichussmith said...

You don't see the appeal of The Expendables? I would think that anyone who mixed their action figures from many different toy lines would understand why people are at least jazzed with the idea of 80s/90s action icons all in one film.

Wreck Roar said...

I get the appeal if you like the cast but from the trailer it seems like Arnold and Bruce Willis, the only actors I like in the movie, are just cameo appearances.

pyrothemaniac said...

I got thinking about the Dark Knight having plot holes again after we brought it up in this episode.
So I looked up what other people were saying was wrong with it.

There are no clear-cut, obvious or entirely unexplainable moments in this movie. Definitley not the biggest cinematic offender.

I think because it is so grandiose it's easy to misinterpret parts of the story.
There are so many elements and it revolves around characters that although are a more realistic interpretation, aren't real people and therefore don't act like them.

Just like Watchmen, the whole thing isn't immediatley apparent.

I figure as long as the character motivations are understood and you are drawn into the story it shouldn't matter if there are minor leaps in logic. After all, it is a movie and a superhero one at that.

We should be happy with what we got, before Nolan stepped in the superhero genre was strictly popcorn action movies or just plain cheesy.

I've also been thinking about this for the Superman/Batman debate.
I think you would be a good moderator Tim, from memory you aren't partial to either character over the other are you?

Thoom said...

I can be impartial.

T Mafia said...

About Superman?! Riiight. Nice try, Tim; but unlike Courtney, I've heard all of your podcasts.

Lex Freakin' Luthor has more respect for the Last Son of Krypton than you do!