June 25, 2010

THOOM 142: Denny, Jonah and Nick

THOOM! reviews a few comic book based movies



Anonymous said...

Sweet, you got around to watching that Spirit movie. Also curious to know what Jonah Hex is like, the western needs to make a comeback.
I'll listen to this tomorrow, I'm all worn out from the Supanova weekend.

XantesFire said...

Will you be trying for Urban, again?

Anonymous said...

Karl Urban? Not there this year, just the Whedon girls, so that got my brother's attention.
My youngest brother has a thing for Summer Glau.

XantesFire said...

Summer, who doesn't? But is it the actress herself or her terminator character he's lusting for, after all he is your brother.

I think I saw the TV Spirit, but until now I completely forgot about it. Remember Sable?

People do name their kids, Ebony White. I wonder if any of them are white.

Hell bound? If you're hell bound that's the perfect time to settle up, repent later.

Vichus Smith said...

I don't have a lot of positive things to say about the new Spirit movie (some good casting is about it. The thing about discussing things you haven't watched is that you talk out your damn ass.

It's Frank Miller's The Spirit While Frank Miller when fucknuts crazy in his direction of the movie, and the character of The Octopus was basically ruined, the heart of The Spirit is in there. If you just watched the scenes between The Spirit, Ellen Dolan, Commisioner Dolan and Morganstern, it's still The Spirit from Will Eisner's comic.

Why you heard about this Spirit TV movie from Courtney is that she's quite insane (more insane than any of us) and watches random things.

THOOM said...

The thing about discussing things you haven't watched is that you talk out your damn ass.

I've seen enough of that movie to know it's some bullshit. You tell me Denny Colt fighting the Octopus (who was never seen in the comic), and doing slapstick shit like pulling objects out of nowhere (like Bugs Bunny would) to fight is
The Spirit? A couple of scenes don't make a good movie. You waste your time with that shit.

Anonymous said...

It's pronounced with a long 'a' sound Tim, say it with me now Nosferaatu. Kind of like Klaatu.

You haven't seen The Outlaw Josey Wales yet? WTF are you doing making these podcasts, go see it, now!

It's one of my favourite westerns, I always thought Jonah Hex was a similar character.

Tim is right about Miller's Spirit, I mean he's seen Linkara's review that's about all you really need to see.

I'm something of a pop culture historian, I have watched and read things from almost every period in human history.