July 11, 2010

Episode 147: Don't Bite. Just Suck.

THOOM! reviews Female Force: Stephenie Meyers #1 and the movie Predators


XantesFire said...

The idea behind Avatar is so great not even the Sham can entirely destroy it.

You had trouble seeing "R" rated movies in NYC? I never had trouble. When I was 15 I even went a couple of times to the XXX theaters. Ah, 42th st, how you have changed.

If you like westerns try The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. I think you can see most of it online, I just got the boxset. Don't know why they cancelled it after one season, Bruce Campbell was great in this.

Pianist was a great comedy.

Love At First Bite, there was romance, there was comedy and it was definitely a vampire.

They are doing a bio of an author of teeny bop vamps, her fans probably already asked her those kinds of questions.

Excert from Bio of The Courtney, The Real Life Story of the Meglomanical Dictator. -"...course it was a scandal. It would have been bigger if the public had found out back then that 3 of her illegal clones, pre-teen age, had been somehow kidnapped and their trail disappeared in Pennsyvania."

Alien Loves Predator

In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comics, the big bad is called Twilight.

Anonymous said...

Brisco County, you think I haven't seen it? Bruce's #1 fangirl?

Even I can't love that face

This on the other hand, pretty:

I have no idea why it says "they did what?"

XantesFire said...

Well, he is a jew.

Anonymous said...


Thoom said...

You had trouble seeing "R" rated movies in NYC?

No, Upstate NY.

XantesFire said...

Bruce CAMPBELL, Jew. Didn't you know?

Upstate, that makes more sense. Once when I was 15, during a apple picking trip, this little drug store upstate wouldn't sell me condoms. Good thing I didn't get lucky that day. But I was so close. She was impressed by my Walkman.

Anonymous said...

No, infact he's never mentioned religion at all.
It doesn't matter really, all religions are as bad as the next.
So basically the only people I don't have a problem with are atheists.