July 14, 2010

THOOM! versus Howard The Duck 8

Howard Meets the Defenders. Part 2 of 2



Vichus Smith said...

Sure you can pronounce omnipotent any way you like- if your name is Tim Terrell.

Why doesn't Trenchcoat like the new Hulk? Well, at least Greg Pak? He did some awesome stuff with Hulk

T Mafia said...

Tim, I did warn you that Vichus and/or Courtney would be all over that!

Although Pak's biggest crime is suffering the delusion he was worthy of replacing Peter David about five seconds after we were lucky enough to get David back in the first place, he's also the one who had super-villain Tony Stark and Hulk's longtime friend Dr. Strange launch the Hulk into space to basically die, right? And gave the Hulk what, about fifteen illegitimate kids? And had Hulk actually try to destroy the friggin' Earth?!

Still better than Jeph Loeb, though.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Hulk have illegitimate kids before that?

Hulk is always destroying parts of the earth anyway, so why wouldn't he want to destroy it all?

T Mafia said...

Because then there's nothing left to destroy (plus, they already used that plot in Hulk: The End.)

They've hinted that Bruce Banner's the father of that chick no one cares about who's the new Scorpion, but aside from her I can't think of any pre-Pak Hulk progeny. I mean, unless you count Betty Ross' miscarriage.

XantesFire said...

So if Skaar lived maybe fetus Hulk is out there.

Supposedly, Clea became a better sorcerer that Strange and left him. Guess she found out he was using magic Viagra, "Hey wait a sec, this taste like the Eye of Agamotto!"

T Mafia said...

Well, since Dr. Strange did trick the Hulk into space, maybe he lied about Betty losing The Incredible Hulk Fetus, too.

Clea's from that freaky other dimension; she's probably used to guys with five or six cocks as opposed to Strange's singular Wand of Watoomb (What? Everytime someone mentioned that thing, that's what I assumed they were really talking about.)

Anonymous said...

I just watched Let the Right One In, you can watch it here if you like:

It's alright,I don't think you could find any faults with it. But it didn't amaze me either.
It's WAY overhyped, but I guess it would be when the only other vampire thing out at the moment is Twilight.

Trenchcoat would like it, it features a girl who is eternally 12-years-old.

T Mafia said...

I did finally get around to watching Let the Right One In and really, my only complaint was their using an obvious stand-in for that one semi-nude shot of the twelve-year-old hottie. Let's hope in the upcoming American remake with "Hit Girl" as the vampire chick, they don't repeat that mistake.