August 8, 2010

Episode 156: MAD in the 70's (part 1)

THOOM! reviews "Reality Street" (Sesame Street parody) from
MAD Magazine #146 (1971)



XantesFire said...

Just cause one female gave you an infection, doesn't mean you have to get back at all of them.

How is "Decontaminated Milk," not funny? One it has to be milk because it leads into the milk bottle motif. Two-it's relevant for the time, ever heard of the 1970's Michigan PBB Crisis? For months dairy cow feed was accidentally contaminated with PBB, over 9 million people poisoned.

Maria can't be a hooker? What part of "parody," don't you understand?

Vichus Smith said...

Tim, thank you so much for sharing your antidote with us. It's very appreciated.

THOOM said...

The word is anecdote

Vichus Smith said...

Oh- ohhhhhhhhhhh, now it makes sense!