August 12, 2010

Episode 158: Toy Shed

THOOM! talks to Courtney about toys.



Courtney said...

My collection looks a little more like this:

Or at least it did seven months ago. Didn't have Dr.Doom or Asajj yet. My favourite toys.

XantesFire said...

If you want a look into the Predators world I think seeing it from Machiko's point of view would had been prefect. Too bad they didn't stick to the original comic book story or they could have Alexa Wood play the part of Machiko and search out a predator hunting party.

Why not take Nazi science and use it, science does not take sides, it is just a tool to be used.

Cars could be seen as pre-war Transformers. Humans with living cars is possible to make, just add some slavery.

Courtney, you don't understand Thoom's Ebonical accent?

Problem with King is he writes like he's writing a magazine serial or getting paid by the word. He repeats himself and has a habit of explaining events that he already described a few more times. The original first part of the Dark Tower series, Gunslinger was surprising good and short, too bad about the rest of the series.

T Mafia said...

Courtney, not that I'm immediately gonna go download it or anything (after all, I'd have to find a good torrent first), but what was that movie you mentioned with the slutty eight-year-old?

Courtney said...

City of Lost Children, a fantastic, surreal, Guillermo-esque film which features Ron Perlman and a young girl (who kind of looks like me) as the main characters.

It's in French just so you know.

Phht, my password as rapeyesi.

XantesFire said...

City of Lost Children, she was more of a tease not a slut.

Now that's a slut, whatever happen to that actress?

More Sluttiness.

T Mafia said...

Huh. I know I saw that (great) movie and I remember the little girl looking highly fuckable; I just don't recall anyone shoving their tongue down her throat (and yes, I'm assuming any adult guy who got to kiss her would go there.)

And just for the record, Tim's the one who hates subtitles for some reason; I think he considers any movie where they don't speak English to be anti-American or something.

T Mafia said...

And goddamn, is it annoying that I can't edit anything I post on other peoples' blogs - I just wanted to add that yes, I was talking about City of Lost Children; I never did see The Professional (but thanks to Xantes, I'm sure I've at least seen the best parts of it now.)

XantesFire said...

Just do what everyone else does, delete your comments and rewrite.

No, there's more.