August 16, 2010

Episode 160: Black Panther Is For The Children

THOOM! reviews The Black Panther #1
(Marvel Knights, 1998)



XantesFire said...

Why is a man emasculated if he has no pants?

Aren't the girls younger then than now and wouldn't they be dressing to fit in.

You beat them up to send a message.

Dude, an African leader says he'll carve your heart out like a roast, of course you're gonna be scared. You also hope he's not gonna follow it up with voodoo or cannibalism.

So you support embezzling charitable organizations.
So it's okay for an organizer to pay off his mortgage with money that was donated to feed needy children?

Black Panther has to lead into battle, to show his bravery and strength to his people otherwise they wouldn't follow him.

Michael J Fox is the envoy and has to be close to Black Panther.

Vichus Smith said...

Why is everything overrated with you lately, Tim? It's bad enough messageboard grumps use the word overrated like it's the word "the" but now nothing is to your liking. I hope there's life on other planets, so some alien can write a book that you actually think is worth praise.