September 7, 2010

Episode 166: "What About Quality?"

JD tells THOOM! about the stack of movies that he "rented" (i.e. borrowed) from the library. Also: for the first time in months, JD mentions "Ain't It Cool News".


Vichus Smith said...

I know JD just wants to enjoy some good action, but JD, who I thought had some aspirations to be a filmmaker, shocks me.

You'd never watch a foreign film? I mean, I love the USA, but how many filmmakers who are considered the best in their craft have not been inspired by foreign films?

OK, exclude all the fillmmaking stuff: Jet Li don't kick ass? Tony Jaa don't kick ass? Brotherhood of the Wolves wasn't cool?

Just like The Dark Knight, a lot of the complaints are valid, but I still think the new Star Trek was the kick in the ass the series needed. Speaking of JJ, he's doing the Undercovers show with the sister from Doctor Who season 3. I'm down for that.

In fact, I don't hate one Abrams project.

XantesFire said...

Wait a sec. I thought Spock-Prime said it wasn't his universe. So eh.

vichussmith said...

Yeah, the comment JD brought up about Spock not doing all he could to restore the timeline didn't hold water, because Spock was old and on his own. What could he do?

I do think that the two decade wait just to kill some dudes was ridiculous.

Oh, I wanted to mention that the Avatar The Last Airbender cartoon is SO GOOD! I don't mean kids cartoon good. I mean good writing and interesting characters with depth. I hope M. Night gets stuck on an elevator and it spontaneously combusts.

Keith (Manticore) Knudsen said...

The Nero waiting thing was explained in a deleted scene, something that would have been nice to have in the movie: He was captured by and then tortured by Klingons asking him about his future technology. He escaped around the time when we see him. He didn't age much because he a Romulan.
That may explain some things in a movie that most things are unrealistic :P

vichussmith said...

oh yeah, I forgot that deleted scene, and I thought people (maybe it was just JD) who didn't get the aging thing don't know as much about trek as they thought they did.

Still, didn't they go into some kind of sleep for a while or something? I think they should have been tearing shit up for a while, making things hard for the Federation until Kirk badassed them.