October 19, 2010

Episode 181: Bad Anthology

THOOM! reviews Strange Sports #2 (DC Comics,1973)


XantesFire said...

Wait a sec, so the Kerrigan incident was just an idea from a comic book? It's the 70's, they probably thought they were all have a drug flashback. If a tech advance being can instantaneously transport a stadium full of people to the moon, don't you think they are powerful enough to supply them with oxygen? The stupidity is how is that the blessing. Why not just supply him with extra strength or temporary flight.

Again you miss the point, doesn't matter how he got into the middle of the game. They probably started playing normally and then somewhere along the way the robot tossed in a specially made grenade that only goes off if it hits the ground. But they should have shown the aftereffects of the win or at least shown that the winner accepted the ways of his crazy adopted father. And maybe that's why he was playing with a grenade, he's as crazy as the father.

Street sweepers need to go slow when cleaning. But when they pick up the sweeper, they can go normal street speed. But so what, she doesn't have a real job, she probably doesn't care how slow it takes. How could they have missed the opportunities to do a bunch of dinosaur loose on the modern world ideas. Yeah it's bad but as to why the witch is selling flowers still at the end, maybe she likes selling flowers or maybe another bad mistake lost her money. Did it say she specially won the money? After all I would think the other horses' owners would want the dinosaur disqualified on the grounds that it wasn't a horse when it crossed the finish line and/or that it's change is proof of the winning horse being doped up with an illegal substance.

Keith 'Manticore' Knudsen said...

Wait a sec, nobody said Ringo was a great song writer. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that was a prerequisite to be a great drummer. I only said that he gets lambasted all the time for being a poor drummer but 2 things:
1 - He was a Beatle, one of the best bands ever, whether you agree or not they made a boatload of money.
2 - If you look into the style he played, it was very intricate and diverse.
He's not Phil Collins, who ended up fronting his band(s), but he was a good drummer. Damn.

All of these Star Wars references you're throwing out didn't even exist when this comic came out so maybe Lucas bit off this(like he did so many other things) to make the landspeeder and Obi Wan's ghost, etc.

Thanks for the shoutout.

XantesFire said...

Hey, what's up with episode 182? Doesn't have a spot for comments and the first 5 minutes are so full of background music I can't hear the chatter.

Courtney said...

Here's the unofficial 158 of PCX: