November 22, 2010

Episode 188

THOOM reviews the Black Panther 2008 Annual (Marvel)



Vichus Smith said...

I really hate Reginald Hudlin. He's corny as shit.

Kingslee would hate this episode because you are speaking ill of natural hair and you disrespect a black man who worked hard to become president of Marvel's United States.

Maybe we need a Luke Cage type in the real White House, because Barack ain't doing all that hot (don't let Kingslee hear that)

I think it's stupid that superheroes don't get paid for their service to the community. You have powers that people wish they had and you risk your life for free? Heroes for Hire is a great idea.

XantesFire said...

Secret Invasion-Black Panther was great.

Stark would consider Wakanada a threat that needs to be knocked out.

Doesn't the Black Panther always get the best of him. Stark probably gets influenced by his political and industrial friends to take Wakanda out, plus he probably read the secret docs where his family were threaten by the Wakanda ninjas.

Luke's daughter probably got her skin tone from all the years in Africa.

They probably had a few seperate weddings. One for the people, another for the heroes and maybe one for politicians. Isn't that how Royal weddings go? All day big event.

Wolverine's stomach is probably from inactivity not from old age. I don't think his healing factor cures his overeating. From the rest of the comic you get the impression there is less fighting.

Cage is not stupid, he just grew up in a poor neighborhood. He has tried to better himself when he was a kid and he did become a successful investigator/troubleshooter.