November 27, 2010

Episode 190: "Simple, Yet Effective."

THOOM! and Courtney review Kick Ass 2 #1 (Icon/MillarWorld, 2010)
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Vichus Smith said...

I wish people could see video of me taking notes of a podcast on my phone like i'm Biggie Smalls writing verses for a platinum selling song. I am a fool.

Here come the notes:

The sidekick (who I HATE) in the Green Lantern movie is actually based on a real character from the history of the comics. Doesn't mean he needs to be there, though.

Speaking of trailers, Tim, WHY haven't you seen the Thor trailer? I know you know a million places to see it, so why not? I understand people not being interested in seeing a film, but the trailer??

Being John Malkovich was great. END OF. STORY.

Now onto Courtney. First off, Courtney, are you responsible for all these TGWTG shows now using illustrations for their openers/title cards? It seems like they all just decided one day to switch it up. Well, I ignore most of these carbon copy dudes anyway.

I wish more of them would actually try to add some originality to their shows.

Courtney, did you ever buy one of those "how to draw comics" or "how to draw manga" books?

Now to Tim:

You and Derek Coward need to get a fucking room. I swear (or hope) Derek is just pulling an Armond White when he talks movies. I hope he doesn't say that Skyline is better than District 9, or I might have to call the cops on him.

Just a random note: I love when site have a comment form that saves your information instead of wiping it clean. Depresses me when I get a stupid CAPTCHA wrong AND my words get erased.

Back to Courtney:

I think the big difference between Australia and the US boils down to Mortal Kombat. Without the big case where games like MK lead to the creation of the ESRB.

Australia may have a board comparable to that, but not equal. Even though people still piss me off with their trying to kill M-rated games in the US, I think we're better protected here, in the States.


I think that the reason we like villains over heroes is that true heroes don't look to be recognized for their efforts. Heroes should be selfless, and not stand in front of a camera.

Evil, on the other hand, is something we like to be aware about, and for the news, they can continuously follow these villains as they continue killing, or they go through the court system. Charles Manson's a perfect example. Anyone know who the hell actually brought him and his girls to justice?

Vichus Smith said...
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Courtney said...

I've tried to watch being John Malkovich twice and it's just so alienating. Why was everyone acting so weird?

Anyway, TGWTG has been doing title cards long before I showed up. Why you've only just noticed now I have no idea.
I like a good deal of the shows, but because they don't have any producers or directors telling them what to do it's alot of trial and error.
I admire them for giving it a go though, I certainly wouldn't be able to make videos on a weekly basis.

Some of them I don't find entertaining at all, but I don't have to watch their videos.

When I was very young I would read those 'how to draw' books. Yes I even had a manga one, but I never mastered that style.
My style kind of floats between cartoon and comic, sometimes slightly more realistic.

Why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

Um, ah, do you want all movies to be "just so?" No room for weirdness?

I don't mean title cards only- I know that's been around since I started watching- I also mean that more people are using animated openers all of a sudden. I think I noticed because the openers are from the same person, and I'm not a fan of how they're drawn

Don't get me wrong; I appreciate people for doing free stuff for an audience, but I feel they are subject to the same criticism as any big budget TV show; you either might not want to quit your day job or you show promise.

I'd gladly watch a show with dirty looking sock puppets filmed in a bathroom if it was funny or interesting.

As for the how to draw comics thing, I'm mostly being noisy. Just want to learn about your "process" and all that jazz.

Oh, and I blame your title card and for making Skyline look a lot better than it turned out to be. :) Yes, I still haven't seen it, but I'm sure I'll detest it.

Now I'm off to check all these other title cards you've done for TGWTG