December 19, 2010

Episode 195: The Haus of Gaga

THOOM! reviews The Fame:Lady Gaga (Bluewater Comics, 2010)
and later in the show Courtney comes in to review Tron:Legacy (Disney, 2010)



Vichus Smith said...

I don't know what Courtney is talking about In the end of The Matrix, Neo makes his speech (Tim is wrong on this part; he's speaking to the people in the resistance more than he is to the robots) and then flies off towards the camera before the credits.

I want to see Tron, because I wonder if it's crap, or so mind-blowing with its style that it'll make me

I don't hate Iron Man 2 at all. I don't know why people hate it. Maybe they're more "meh" about it, but I think had as good a villain as they did in 1. The Iron Monger was even more boring, I'd say.

Cool Tron outfit, Courtney. Wow, you're all busy with wrk and stuff? WTF?

Courtney said...

Ok, this is weird, but I just watched my DVD of the Matrix and this is the ending I see:

On other versions however, I'm assuming American, you guys see this:

So sorry about that, guess Australian censors won't allow us to believe a man can fly. You understand now why I don't like Superman? Australia's Superman can just jump real high.

If you enjoyed Iron Man 2 then Tron should entertain you. It's light on plot but it's plenty of fun. Also it's costume porn!

I am SO busy right now, haven't had much 'me time'. My room is not as obsessivley clean as it usually is, I'm working eight and nine hours, three days a week.
Xmas Eve and Boxing Day, oh joy. I mean I like the work and it's good to have money, but right now I'm fighting a cold, so I'm just so tired.

Still getting in a little project time. I've got drawing and costume commisions as well as finishing off or altering some of my own clothes and costumes.
I don't remember what boredom was anymore.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we shouldn't have gotten that ending, because so many people hated the sequels

Keith Knudsen said...

Don't listen to them, Courtney. Tron was great. They want all action, explosions but there was a story and I liked it. Will I ever watch it again? No, but that doesn't make it bad...

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I don't know about "them" but I want a movie that Is not immediately forgettable the minute I leave the theater. And besides, sir, I have heard/read reviews and I don't think the movie is lacking in action. I hear it's lacking in characters you care about and good script writing.

Yes, an enjoyable movie in the moment doesn't mean it's bad, but in the US alone over 130 films are put out a year. I also want to catch up on old films and indies. I don't have time for Tron if it lacks too much.

XantesFire said...

Yeah, Australia is fucked up. You can't even call Flash Gordon, Flash. They call him Speed Gordon. Dun dun dun dun Speed! Ahh-AHhhh! Doesn't work.