January 3, 2011

198: World' Most Wanted

THOOM! reviews World's Most Wanted (2010) with Mike Myers



Keith Knudsen said...

That was good, Tim and Mike.
Y'all had me almost giving a shit about Tow-nay Stark.

XantesFire said...

I like Myers, he clearly showed Thoom's complaints are mostly Thoom not understanding what he's reading.

Why wouldn't Thor help Tony? Thor's a God, he'll live a long time so he can make Tony suffer anytime he wants him to, doesn't want him dying too soon. He is Thor so he is honor bound to help as a doctor because he took the oath. Note Thor usually doesn't kills Loki, Loki is always to be punished.

Tony probably didn't have the time to update his medical records, too busy ruling everything. And Thor disappeared, maybe an homage to just have him listed.