March 30, 2011

Episode 208: Super-Thing

THOOM and Derek W. Crabbe review and discuss Damage Control V.1 #1-4 (Marvel, 1989)


XantesFire said...

I thought it was obvious the battle was shown thru the new guy's eyes. It shows a standard Marvel battle but then the twist is we're not following the heroes.

Spiderman's a joker, married or not he could have said a line like, "My wife won't believe this."

Actually doesn't Xavier mindwipe people all the time? He just sorta feels uneasy about wiping "friends" and "equals", and then he does it anyway.

Where was Damage Control on 911? They did rebuild it the first time right after the Juggernaut's terrorist strike. Is the WTC back up in the Marvel Universe?

Courtney said...

A comic with Doom in it?!.. Must download. Do you have the files or was it an actual comic?

Courtney said...

That comic was fun, thanks for sending it Tim.

What Flounder would later realise is that being fired by Doom involved actual fire.

Courtney said...

Also, wtf is this?