July 28, 2011

THOOM 227: Make Your Own Superhero Costume

THOOM! and Courtney talk about fan fiction, Spidey's costume, bi-polar characters in fiction, Bane, gender in pop culture and the DC relaunch.



Vichus Smith said...

Courtney, please don't listen to Tim, the superhero otherwise known as The Misogynist. I'm glad he has no children, because someone taught him that girls, on instinct, take to "girly things" and if they want Wonder Woman, one day they will wake up and suddenly crave it. Ever heard of advertising? If you don't know about it, you can't want it.

I think most girls now don't know about someone like Wonder Woman until they go into a clothing store or a makeup counter. Just wait until The Dark Knight Rises comes out. A lot of girls and young women will dig her. Perfect for DC Comics if she shows up in Batman titles.

Women, probably more than men, LOVE to read. If this Pottermore thing JK Rowling was making, for instance, turned out to be a new series of stories with a female wizard, girls would love that!

I wrote fanfic. WAAAAAY back in the day, when I actually had the ambition and drive to write whole stories. I was part of this site called Delphi (I think that's right) and I wrote a fanfic where Jedi popped up in our world and were fighting in the streets.

I was surprised when I saw the movie that Cap's Suit actually looks like it's made of warm material, more like cotton or wool. It really is an all-condition kind of outfit. I think you're going to like the Captain America costumes, at the least.


I say this to everyone who has issue with what DC did. THEY WERE FAILING! DC was #2, and some titles had pitiful numbers, like really good Indie comic numbers, but poor Big Two numbers.

Also, I think you may know this by now, but DC is already planning to do other titles beyond the 52, so they may be doing all those side books again.

XantesFire said...

Even though I will be listening to each episode, how about put a Courtney icon on the episode pic to let us know she's doing that one.

There actually more non-slash fan fict out there, good and bad.

They should check with cosplayers to see what could be done. Come on Hollywood its not the costume, Peter has been Spider-man in pajamas.

Fight Club had no evil characters, nor good.
It's a movie about a guy trapped in a society he sub-consciously rejects and then his sub-conscious shows up to change that.

Problem with Wonder Woman is she was sent into man's world to change the world. And realistically, a being like Wonder Woman, not just fighting but making speeches, not afraid of backing down would change the world and not many writers can write for her if they are always resetting the button.

Batman is vigilante cop and Superman is status quo.
They are relatively unchanging.

Star Trek: Voyager could have been good if any other female was captain, Michelle Forbes, Kyra Sedgwick, etc. Face it the Grew(Kate Mulgrew) sucks, it's like she's a stroke victim happening. She couldn't even do sexy hot in Remo Williams.

Seems more like DC is doing it's Age of Apocalypse or Planet M.

Anonymous said...

Tim wont hate you even more than he does for armchair quarterbacking him like that. No sir.

Tim totally missed the point of fight club. He wanted the guy to be an actual guy? Then it would be just some movie. Tyler Durden represents something that the Narrator lacked.

I had zero problems with Kate Mulgrew as Janeway. Trek fans have a problem with her, but these people have a problem with Picard. Their standards are ridiculous.

XantesFire said...

I liked Picard and I liked the idea behind Janeway, it's the Grew that got to me.

Good and silent Kate.

The screeching.

Exactly, if Tyler Durgen was a just another person then it would be just two guys fighting it out and not a man fighting it out with himself.

Anonymous said...

The TOS people are usually those who don't like anything past Kirk.

Jeez. When did Voyager come out? Was it 90s or 2000s, because that's some DATED hair!

Don't like bullies? Sounds like Steve rogers would make an excellent Starfleet Captain.