September 29, 2011

Episode 236: Lois Lane Is A Bestseller

THOOM! talks about New 52 Action Comics #1 and comic book sales today vs. decades ago.


XantesFire said...

I would date her, she's either being funny or politically savvy, either way she would be fun.

Big Boo Boy Scout?

Wasn't Dell comics successful because most of their comics were tie-ins to radio and TV shows. Like Lil' Eightball.

Jimmy Olsen was so a superhero comic he was an accidental hero.

No, Jimmy and Lois gotta be in any Superman related stuff because they are part of his mythos, Perry White is there all the time, did he get his own comic?

Wait a second, "F you, those who want the comic in their hand?" Didn't you tell Trench Coat Mafia that's why you didn't get torrents?

Vichus Smith said...

Mike Myers is black. You're shocking the hell out of me! When did that happen? did he get replaced like Ultimate Peter Parker?