September 14, 2011

THOOM THOUGHTS: Batman and Robin #1 (New 52 2011)

The core story in Batman and Robin #1 was good. Really good. But the prologue and epilogue was some old bullisht. The writer used the opening to introduce Tony Stark's old enemy The Ghost--oops-- I mean, a NEW bad guy called Nobody. The B.S. comes in when he decimates the Russian Batman in a humiliating way just to show he's a REALLY bad guy.  Alright. What's done is done. Then there is a killer story with Batman and his lil' asshole son Robin. Okay cool. But to cap the story off, we just HAVE to go back to Russia  and see Nobody torture Comrade some more before he offs him. It's like, the writer already decimated Russian Batman in a gruesome way, but he just HAD to continue the unnecessary torture porn..

Writer J. Tomasi has Russian Batman with a ballgag in his mouth crying, hanging by a chain and being lowered into a vat of acid. Why? You already had a great story with good action and great interplay between Batman and Robin. Why do you have to be a dick and make the comic book unreadable to many potential buyers with the extra B.S.? Detective comics is already ultraviolent, why can't Batman and Robin be the one Batman comic that is free of torture porn?

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