October 4, 2011

Episode 238: Uncle Rollo

THOOM! reviews Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and #2
with Micah


XantesFire said...

Were the fans hoping for a clone to replace Peter? Or for him to enter into a cocoon stage?

Maybe its not real. Maybe Miguel's experience is a VR scam by SHIELD to create the next Spider-Man. Just seem too similar to the previous Spider-man.

So a doctor doesn't know mythology, maybe he was bored by it like some other people.

I seriously used to think the Iceman's ice slides were CO2.

There was a Secret Wars' Falcon figure and I could swear there were Falcon pez dispensers.

Shiloh/Mr. Miracle escapes from death at the end of the Seven Soldiers. You might have to get the complete series to understand everything that went on.

XantesFire said...

Hey, why is episode 239 available on Itunes but not on your blog? Can't you blog on the street?