October 21, 2011

Episode 240: Brilliant

 THOOM talks about bigotry, Bendis and Bagley's Brilliant and Mark Millar's Kick-Ass 2 (both from Icon, 2011)


derekwc said...

The creator owned Byrne stuff from Dark Horse comics under the Legend imprint was Danger Unlimited and Next Men. Next Men ran longer than Danger Unlimited, but DU was pretty much the FF. Like the Torch of Liberty was a Captain America pastiche.

Vichus Smith said...

WOW! Uh, someone else actually listens to this podcast!

I actually forgot what I was going to say about this podcast. I listened to it yesterday; just believe that my feedback was going to be intelligent and awesome.

I still have not watched Person of Interest (If it's not coming to my Hulu Desktop, fuck it. Who am I kidding? It's just an excuse because I have so much to watch).

I am pretty much sure, though, that Teraji P. Henson doesn't have as big a role as she was crying about. I'm all for her sexy and talented ass to be all over magazine covers, for a non-white non-dude tobe represented, but she's not on the BUS STOP ADS either! That's not TV Guide doing that. That's CBS cutting her out!

TV Guide probably didn't do the photos because if you call a white person racist, white people freak out and clam up, even if they aren't racist. Corporations are frightened little children sometimes.

So how big, exactly, is her role? Is she like the black version of the nerd girl on NCIS?