October 26, 2011

Episode 242: Shit Sandwich

 THOOM! reviews some recent Image comics, including Rick Vietch's The Big Lie.

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Vichus Smith said...

Holy fucking vomit! So that's how The Big Lie goes? It's just a straight Truther propaganda book? Tell me there's some kinda wink-wink, nudge-nudge. If Vietch is truly into this (BTW, what to him so long? Did he purposely wait a decade) this is proof that you don't need to be a rational thinker to be a talented creator.

This is going to SHOCK you, but I actually believe that such a tremendous conspiracy staying so silent an continuing to stay silent CANNOT HAPPEN. The Dark Knight Rises cant stay under wraps? How could the "planned" death of thousands stay silent?

If anyone who buys into that Loose Change shit is reading this, I think less f you. You wouldn't mind, tough, because you're probably delusional and so dismissive of logic that you're ignoring me. You' in GREAT company, though, with former governor Jesse Ventura and that old white guy who played the old white guy on The Boondocks (Ed something; his name escapes me at the moment)

Can you tell I'm a little miffed about this conspiracy theory?

I tried to listen to these truther people, but the shit is so wild and implausible (faked voices to loved ones? bombs placed inside a building where everyone is working?) and the agenda of these truthers are so obvious (America is so great that it could NEVER be attacked, so Big Daddy government;s actually planned all this0)

I had that Loose Change movie on my instant queue up until this year, but I finally took it off because I looked at the first page of comments (there's over 100 pages) and I don't want to be a part of that nonsense in any way. BTW, this "documentary" had to change it tune once certain logic could not just be brushed off. Fucking garbage.