December 28, 2011

Episode 256

  THOOM! is once again joined by Courtney to talk about comic book movies and Doctor Who.


Anonymous said...

hey tim check this
and this

note:check the Blogger since date on both of them and tell me if they different.

Vichus Watkins said...

You ended this interview like you were jerking off in your hands. You sounded tired, defeated and weak. Doctor Who sucks ass!!!

Vichus Smith said...

(yes, anonymous. I pointed this out a while ago on the Podcast X thread)

Thoom is a CRAAAAAAAAZY motherfucker! First, go ahead and support SOPA, Tim! Say goodbye to your blogger page, say goodbye to your "friend" who shares comics with you through the internet for free, and say goodbye to TGWTG.

Yes, stop piracy, it's bad, blab, blah, blah. The problem with SOPA is that its language is way to broad and vague, so just because someone proposes an act to make things better doesn't mean it's the best solution out there.

Oh, I'm not done with calling Tim crazy. You can just tell when Tim's just being an asshole, because he pulls out his two favorite words: "overrated" and "untalented"

First off, I didn't know that Donald Glover was such a superstar that everyone on the internet was overly praising him. How can he be overrated if he's not even a household name and he's got noteriety for only 2 things in his career?

As for untalented, you would seriously look at Donald Glover on Community and call him untalented? So you think that Donald Glover is on the same level as someone like Paris Hilton? Fuck off, dude.

Now, let's talk to the good part of this podcast (OK, let me not be mean. Tim wasn't all horrendous) Courtney. First off, breathe easy: that Uncharted movie is basically in the toilet, and I hope it stays that way.

Secondly, I believe less and less that Thanos will be in this movie. I do think that it will be Loki for the majority, and midway or so, it will be Red Skull popping out of the Cosmic Cube.

If they do have Thanos, how's that going to work? I'd love to see a superhero movie pull off a bad guy who's physically imposing. I wonder if they'd make him all CGI or just a dude who looks like live action Thor; just a well-muscled dude.

Anyway, The Dark Knight Rises is going to make Avengers eat its asshole, so whether it's good or bad, it will be erased by Nolan-y goodness.

Christian Bale AS BATMAN is the weakest part of the Batman films. As Wayne, he's just fine.

I'm on the fence about the new Spider-man. I think the human drama might be better than the superhero stuff.

I don't know who this "Vichus Watkins" is, but he's got quite a bad attitude, don't you think? His word remind me of a miserable delusional maniac, rotting in Florida.