January 8, 2012

Episode 258: Niggas Ain't Perfect

 THOOM! and JD review the movies MI: Ghost Protocol (2011)and Hood Rat (2002).
Also: Tru TV and The Dark Knight Rises trailer


Anonymous said...

funny as shit.

Anonymous said...

what are you nigas on? crack or helium?

Anonymous said...

crazy show and even more crazier comentators.

Vichus Smith said...

Who's this anonymous dude?

Tim, what the hell is up with your RSS feed? If I didn't hate blogger enough, I can't even add your blogspot to my google reader.

Anyway, where the hell are you seeing this rat movie? Never heard of it. I'm just imagining that JD gets all his horrible ideas from some rat scrawling pictures in the dirt. That's as good an explanation as any for JD's horrible website.

Tim, can you tell this negro to get a tumblr, or something? That website is fucking sad!

MI4 was great. I thought MI3 was good, but the way the fights were shot in this film were excellent. In some scenes you really felt something about the people fighting. I just wish the villain from 3 was in this film, because this villain was kinda weak.

vichussmith said...

I've seen the Tonya Harding sex tape. Nobody wants to bang that, trust me.