January 24, 2012

Episode 263: Predators, Aliens and Comic Books

THOOM! is joined by Josh Hadley of the Radiodrome Podcast. We talk Aliens vs. Predator (the comics and books, not the movie), Graphic Novels vs. Comic Books and more.


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Anonymous said...

hey josh frank miller is a total scumbag from start to finish

Vichus Smith said...

Wowee, Tim you picked quite a guest!

He said "I don't accept the Ultimate universe as 616" Um, IT'S NOT!

Also, he said that he thinks Scarlet Johannsen would pull off Black Widow. She's not even doing a Russian accent? What's this guy talking about?

I don't know about him, but I don't care that the avengers of the film are not my favorite depiction of the characters from the comics.

I'm so not wed to movie characters being carbon copies of the comics characters. If race doesn't have to do with their origin, feel free to change that shit! Just give me people who can put on good performances.

Tim? You can have your white Nick Fury.