February 3, 2012

Episode 265: The Writing is Beastly & The Acting Is Ghastly

THOOM talks to JD about his breakup with the SBK Radio Show, JD watched Beastly (I don't know why, either) , we talk about Patton Oswalt and his movie Big Fan. (NOTE: there is bad, skipping audio at 22:40 to 23:00)

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Anonymous said...

no one;

Besides the audio, this was a dam good interview and insight. SBK was complaining 3 weeks ago on how his radio show is perceived as being to urban and he was throwing a hissy fit about it. Several people called in and tried to explain that all he puts on his show is ghetto type people. that book review was somewhat diffrent and no body knows what happened to it. at least that book review didn't revolve dam sports or what the hell the SBK radio crew did the weekend prior. But you know what fuck SBK LIVE and fuck Mr. WHACKtins. that's one strange guy. even his website is whack.