May 12, 2008

Episode 10: If You're Saved And You Know It, Clap Yo' Hands


XantesFire said...

Usually any thing done by Chrisitians is really bad. I remember a movie about a nun raped by the devil, goes mad, gets sealed up in a tomb. Hundred of years later some people open it up and out comes the nun with demonic powers (guess the sperm gave her superpowers.) and starts killing everyone. At the end, they kill the nun and any christian that was killed is alive again. Non-believers stayed dead. Terrible movie.

I think the implied gayness in christian comics is in case they ever try the "Seduction of the Innocent" play again and say comics are so bad there's even the gay in good christian comics.

Ok, so if a man gives permission to a pimp to prostitute his children, society says think of the children, then will arrested that man and take his kids away, right? But god can give the devil permission to screw with you and christians think that's just fine?

And thanks for solving a 20 year old mystery for me. Back then I worked in a restaurant with a bunch of evangelists. I used to argue with them constantly. One day after beating down all of a believer's reasoning, he points at me and says, "I take authority over you!" I say what. And he says it louder, twice. I tell him, no, he has no legal, nor spiritual authority, if that's what he means, over me and to admit he can't defend his arguement. Can't defend his god. He tells me he has to go back to work. I do my practiced evil laugh as I walk away. He never would explain what that meant and I used to make fun of it, until the "demon begone!" incident, then I made fun of that, until he got fired for stealing from the register.

So a christian can take over an investigation and order a police officer around? I thought scientologists were the only ones able to do that, least that's what Tom Cruise says.

T Mafia said...

They both can. The mind control powers that both Jeebus and Xenu grant their worshipers are equally effective.

Vichus Smith said...

Wow, Christians are doing a LOT for Philly. First of all, they haven't even put a dent in the Trenchcoat Mafia compound, so that's the first big loss in their column. :)

Secondly, I hear nothing but horror stories about how cops are getting mowed down by automatic gun fire.

Here in NY, cat least ops are the dudes who get to spray bullets. That's one good thing you can say about a liberal pansy state.

Fuck religious fanaticism! Religion is just so tired. They need to at least come up with a different approach to tell the rest of us that we suck for not loving their God.

thoom said...


When that guy claimed authority over you, did he expect you to double over and start vomiting, right then and there?

XantesFire said...

I now believe so. When he said, "demon begone!", I badgered him on what he expected to happen to me and he said he expected a demon to leave my body and for me to be christian sanitized. So I'm thinking he was less embarrassed by using a movie reference than using a reference from a comic book, cause he still wouldn't tell me what the authority line was from.

T Mafia said...


Actually the xtian-to-murder ratio here makes perfect sense considering that all over the world, the most violent places just happen to be the most religious as well.