May 12, 2008

Episode 9: "Right On, Bro!"

Read-Along with the review! The comic is online here.

A dramatic reenactment of the comic book can be found here


XantesFire said...

I can only link once per comment?Had to delete again cause it linked the rest of my message.

Referring to Tim's comment on "If God was one of us." God, one of us? Isn't that the whole point of christianity? God assumed human form and sacrified it to yada yada?

About forgiving christians having sex.
Like what Jesu wouldn't forgive? Thought the whole point of Jesu is forgive everything. Kill a child at 8am, ask for forgivness and accept Jesus Christ into your heart at 801am, shot by the cops at 809am, in heaven by 809am and 30 seconds. Doesn't even take ten minutes.

I want a t-shirt that says "God made man in his image and God probably likes to get his dick sucked. So there you go. -T Mafia."

Funny about what you said about the tracts being popular cause the people who buy them just hand them other. Same thing with bibles. I get about one a year. I usually toss it into my recycling bin. People give them out everywhere. Hurricane, earthquake or flood happens? Sometimes the first people there to "help" are helping by handling out bibles. Plus they gotta add the motel copies to that number? Ever bothered reading a motel bible?


You referred back to the Holy Archie comic, about that the students praising god as the truth, I'm thinking why would I listen to a bunch of kids who been left back for decades? Now those are the original Left Behind people.

THOOM said...

XF says:
Referring to Tim's comment on "If God was one of us." God, one of us? Isn't that the whole point of christianity? God assumed human form and sacrified it to yada yada?

Thoom replies:
Emphasis on "assumed human form". Didn't say he was human. Walking on water, feeding hundreds with a loaf of bread and rising from the dead is not "one of us".

Forget Joan Osborne.

As a matter of fact, there is a video in the style of these Chick Tracts on youtube that uncovers the subversive messages of granola eatin', non-leg shaving, Lilith Fair dwelling 'artists' like Joan Osbourne.

thoom said...

For that video type "Women Artists Satan's Influence on Rock Music"

XantesFire said...

Nope, he had to be human to feel, to fear death. To face temptation. Otherwise what's the point? There is no scarifice. And it's a yawn. Sure he supposely could do tricks or maybe they were exaggerations. Never thought there was something mystical on the bread and fishes, just some people donated from their own rations.
And the rising from the dead, once he was dead he resumed his godly status and was able to do whatever he wanted.

(Why am I defending Jesu? I'm a card carrying atheist.)

T Mafia said...

Tim, I typed that out but I think I got the wrong one: the video I just saw was about the Spice Girls turning preteen bitches into Satanist Nazis or something. Oh well. At least there was lots of gratuitous dead fetus imagery; that's always cool.

XF, where can I get one of those cards?

XantesFire said...

Well it's not so much a card as just membership to a few atheist groups. Now that I think about it I'm gonna see about getting actual membership cards from my groups, seems like a major oversight.

Thoom said...
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Thoom said...

Type "Female Artists- Satan's Influence on Rock Music"...The Lilith artists are featured on Part 1.

That oughta convert you, AND get you to toss out your Tori Amos CDs.

T Mafia said...

There's no better way of getting someone to post than accusing them of secretly owning a Tori Amos CD is there?!

Unlike possession of Jesus Christ Superstar (and yes, I have the soundtrack too), owning a CD by any of those Lillith Fair bitches really is cause for rescinding a dude's "man card"!

XantesFire said...

Where the hell was that "Female Artists- Satan's Influence on Rock Music" originally shown on? That thing is full of nonsense.

And what's up with his arms? I actually yelled at my screen cause that guy just has too much arm movement.