May 17, 2008

Episode 11: "...trying to find the (back) door."


XantesFire said...

Haven't had a chance to listen to this one yet, just wondering if there's more man-spitting-on-man action in this one?

Thoom said...

He didn't spit on me, he slapped my back...Which actually sounds gayer. Fuck it, just say he spit on me.

Vichus Smith said...

Holy shit, Tim! I'm not gonna accuse you of anything, but I feel that you picked Kingslee to come on the show to talk about an anti-gay Christian book because this guy is confused as fuck!

This dude better start studying the mile long list of dudes who had a wife and 2.5 kids who got brought out in the middle of the street and got shown for the gay men that they were.

Kingslee is, at the very least, bi. I was suspect when he came on the first time talking about breaking up with this hot supermodel chick. Now, his business is just wide open!

There's still not concrete evidence, but I don't think it's anti-Christian to say that gays are born in the womb.

There have also been studies that say that the more kids a woman has, the more likely the youngest child is to be gay. How many siblings does Kingslee have? :)

Oh man, someone needs to talk to Kingslee before he knocks up a chick just because the Bible told him to. Man, Christians amuse me. I wonder what Kingslee thinks of the Westboro Baptist Church. Is his church preaching the true word of God, or is the WBC?

XantesFire said...
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XantesFire said...

Hey, ever wondered why religious people especially christians deny that a person is born genetically gay? Or that it's a personal choice, teenage rebellion and not something a child may develop when really young?

It's cause religion breed homosexuality. See if it is genetics and homosexuals were left alone they would "breed" themselves out. If they don't pass on their "gay" gene then there are no more gays from that line.

But since most religions frown on homosexuality, they have to keep those gay impulses hidden. So they get married and have kids. And you have gay children or gay gene carriers.

Now if it's something a child develops when young and children with more siblings tend to be gay, then the religions are at fault again. Religions like to tell people to be fruitful and multiply.

So if you have a large family and the children grow up to have large families also. You propagate children to grow up gay and you end up with San Francrisco and the Village. And Village People.

So why does the pope and other religions look down on science? Because science will reveal they are at fault. That their policies are not infallible. That almost everything religions say and do is wrong and stupid.

Now me? I like homosexuality. Not that I particpate but 2 or more females playing with each other is a real turn on. And more gay males mean less competition for the straight girls. See, I don't understand why straight males wouldn't like to be around gay males. You dress better and you know your gay buddy isn't sleeping w/your gf/spouse. Unless they're bi but that's another topic.

XantesFire said...

Thoom, dude,
Smith is right.
Kingslee is gay.
And not just gay, but gay in denial.
And not just gay in denial, but using god to overcome his urges.
He should see But I'm a Cheerleader

Here's a PSA

'Brokeback' Marriages

Kingslee is right though, people should be disturbed if a homosexual came to your child's class to talk about being gay on career day. Being gay isn't a career. Now if a homosexual came to class to talk about alternatives in sex ed or about tolerance in ethics class, that would be okay.

Umm, no. There are no archaeological digs that have turned up people who have turned to salt. How would you know they were people who turned to salt in the first place and second, salt deposits are found in digs all the time, same as all sorts of other minerals.

I always found the part of where Lot offers his daughters up to the men to use instead of the angels. That's a "righteous" man?

God doesn't do background checks anymore?

Tim, churches, religious centers have been meet up spots for ages. Check with church goers and maybe half will tell you they first saw each other in church or used the church as an opening line.

Right, so if I go to a great weekly orgy, it's my duty as swinger to tell my friends to come to a great orgy? Or if I go to a great atheist meeting I should invite my friends?

XantesFire said...

After hearing this I suddenly understood why when blinded the sodomites still wanted to have sex with the angels.
If I was struck with some sort of handicap, I think the first thing I would want to check on would be my sex organs.

thoom said...

We didn't even know we were gonna review this comic. Kingslee came over to review the Speed Racer movie and another comic that we planned on reviewing ahead of time.

I showed King the online tracts and asked if he wanted to review one. I didn't know what he was gonna say, but I didn't think he would fall on Chick's side. I thought King was a liberal Christian that would call Chick a narrow-minded idiot. The 'revelations' he made on the show were a total surprise to me.

And I figured you guys would jump on Kingslee, calling him gay. I appreciate Kingslee coming on the show and telling his honest feelings on the subject.

XantesFire said...

We're not jumping on Kingslee about his gayness, we're jumping on his denial.

The sooner gays in denial admit they are gay the better. They just waste straight guys and girls' time, cause while they are pretending to be not-gay, they get girlfriends.

The girlfriends think they're in a relationship that might lead to marriage or atleast sex. Guys think the girl is off limits cause she's in a relationship. Gays in denial are just better dressed cock blockers.

Thoom said...

I admit, that I diodn't get his statement about being tempted because the guys who hit on him were "beautiful" , and I should've grilled him on it, but he seems like a forthright person. He's not some hick from the sticks who had no self awaremess. I'd think that Kingslee knows who he is.

Thoom said...

Oh yeah, and the guy is a 29 year old virgin. When he gets married, I don't see him doing the "down-low" thing.

XantesFire said...

As far as I understood it, some guys who go downlow are guys who once they are married and/or start having hetero sex, realize that that doesn't satisfied them. It may be years before they fall to temptation or they might not. But the denial is strong with this one.

T Mafia said...

Like everyone else at first I too was thinking, "Wow, what a textbook case of a self-loathing gay guy convincing himself that Jeebus has 'cured' him" - but then I was like, "Wait...this is just too perfect a 'Jeebus cured me of the gay' story (complete with swooning paeans to the aforementioned 'beautiful men')...Tim and Kingslee are punking us! What a great bit!"

But then...

[to be continued in the thread for episode 12]

Anonymous said...

Kingsley is the most soft-spoken closet homosexual I have ever heard. He was graceful with his words, he was upright in his attitude. Was he upright in the hosts' ass while this interview was taking place? Good job men, and woman.

Thoom said...

You know what? I should've known, I couldn't present a portrait of an articulate, artistic soul, struggling with his demons and coming to terms with who he is without you guys ripping his story to shreds.

...Fuck it, this is THOOM! I just tossed a rabbit into the lion's den. I that's the way I like it.

as for Anonymous, aka THE PHOENIX, AKA JD...

Fuck you, you black Ed Wood, non-filmmaking, bitter, asthmatic asshole.

XantesFire said...

I apologize if I ragged too much on Kingsley. Didn't think I did too much directly. But the situation is funny. Sorta like a black guy powdering himself to pass as white (see SNL, Eddie Murphy)
or a white guy darkening himself to pass as black (see Soul Man.)

Man using gods to suppress his urges is always funny to me.

Anonymous said...

Attn; Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley,

I can tell by the nasty remark that the 'man' of this relationship between Mrs. Kinglsey and Mr. Terrell is Timmy T himself. I can only imagine how hurt 'Timmy T' felt as his lover, Mrs. Kingsley, was confessing her love for other 'beautiful' men in the LA area and how she wanted to ram their asses with movie knowledged dick! THE PHOENIX FOREVER, BITCH!!!