May 19, 2008

Episode 12: Homoeroticism for the whole family


T Mafia said...

Previously, in the comment threads for THOOM! (specifically, the one for #11):

Like everyone else at first I too was thinking, "Wow, what a textbook case of a self-loathing gay guy convincing himself that Jeebus has 'cured' him" - but then I was like, "Wait...this is just too perfect a 'Jeebus cured me of the gay' story (complete with swooning paeans to the aforementioned 'beautiful men')...Tim and Kingslee are punking us! What a great bit!"

But then...

And now, the thrilling conclusion: this one he says, "The Asian kid is getting beat up in one scene and his lips are's the sexiest battered face I've ever seen!"


"'s the sexiest battered face I've ever seen!"



Well, I'm almost at the end of the show, and maybe I was just imagining shit; I mean, it's not like the guy came out and said he was looking forward to seeing the Sex and the City movie or anything--



Anonymous said...

Mr. or Mrs. Kingsley is the best two-legged faggot to have ever co-host a homoerotic talk show. He is actually looking forward to 'SEX IN THE CITY'? I wonder during commecial breaks do the host and Mrs. Kingsly 'get together' for a male union?

XantesFire said...

Okay, I haven't seen Ironman yet, but everyone seems to love it. More importantly for me, my brother seen it and he loves it and we usually like the same movies. So it seemed weird that Kingsley said that he thought it was overated.

That is until near the end of the show.
That Tom Cruise is the best?
Then it all made sense.
Kingsley is bitter about Ironman.
Cause back in 2004, Tom Cruise "expressed interest", more than once, about playing Tony Stark.
I'm guessing he didn't get the part.

I tried to watch Sex in the City a couple of times because different friends wanted to get me into a Sex in the City talk circle. I couldn't take it. Felt like fingernails on a chalkboard. My eyes would stay unfocus and I would drool, and not in a good I-just-got-a-great-blowjob way, but in the Terri-Schiavo-I'm-a-dead-vegetable-pull-the-plug way.

And they made a movie out of that tv show? Men for your own safety, break up with your girlfriends, divorce your wives before they drag you to see that movie. Sure it'll be lonely without them, but you can dull the loneliness with hookers and drunk teenage girls. And to some of you, that will be an improvement.

Later after it's out of the theater, and you go back to her and she buys it on dvd. Go see your dentist, have him make you a hollow false tooth where you can keep a cyanide pill in case she tries to force you to watch it.

I know, it's drastic, and there will be death in the hundreds before the females understand man is not meant to watch that movie. Your testies may explode. But we must, for the honor of our fathers.

Or you just can just say no and bitch slap her.