May 8, 2008

Episode 7: New Age Mumbo Jumbo


T Mafia said...

Judging from this and everything else he's written solo, DeMatteis must be a filthy hippie himself.

Also, cancer kids are creepy. Somebody buy that little bitch a wig.

XantesFire said...

Funny I thought that was Moon Dragon. A wig won't help with moving her head back and forth. Try a leather mask with a leash.

You're right, DeMatteis must be a hippie. Who else would write "world's magic and it won't hurt you if you know it's magic and you don't hurt others" bull? Dr. Strange knows magic, tries to help others and he gets beaten on all the time. I would try to explain this to the little girl but I think she's dead. And she's in a comic book.

Thoom said...

After reading that sentimental dialogue, you KNOW that ain't MoonDragon.

DeMatteis is a hippie? Shit, I have to burn all of my old post crisis Justice League comics