May 6, 2008

Episode 6: The Broke Tony Stark


Vichus Smith said...

JD, you're mad I called you crazy, but then you go off for like 30 minutes- like you're crazy!

I'm wondering why faggot is like JD's favorite word. Damn, it's like Bryan singer stole his fucking bike back in the day or something.

I would say that JD is a close tie to T Mafia as a guest host, but T Mafia's views on shit still makes him the top Thoom co-host.

Anyway, Iron Man was sooooo fucking good. Motherfuckers are screaming Oscar for this! It's like the best reviewed comic book movie I've ever read about. I'm surprised that JD was mentioning a lot of positive talkback on AICN. Those monsters are usually all over the place. What an unhateable flick!

I saw the latest trailer for Hulk and it doesn't get me going nearly as much as Iron Man's trailer did. Hulk did kick the FUCK out of Emil Blonsky, and that made me hyped a bit. Only The Dark Knight can outshine this. The second trailer for Dark Knight still made my nipples hard.

thoom said...

You said JD went off for a half hour like he was crazy. But the show was about a half hour...and he was just reviewing the movie.

An Oscar? Uh, i don't know about that. It wasn't Oscar caliber material. Just a really good action movie with good special fx and performances that kept us into the movie when Iron Man wasn't blowing shit up...

Yes, i like that Emil blonsky isn't afraid of the Hulk, even when he isn't Abomination.

Your nipples got hard after seeing the Batman trailer? You're starting to sound like JD. I'm gonna have to ask you to take a break from the JD episodes for awhile.

Vichus Smith said...

Damn, Tim. Can I have freedom to exaggerate? I know it's not in the constitution, but gimme room!

XantesFire said...

I like JD as a guest co-host, Not as good as T Mafia but better than the other guy you like having spit on you when you're shirtless. Uncomfortable? Yeah that was uncomfortable listening to, thought it was turning gay pornsque.

Vichus Smith said...

A little homoeroticism never hurt anybody. All I know is that if this Kingslee dude wants to come back on the show, he'd better start sharing picks of this black supermodel chicks he's bagging.

Task said...

My first listen since your old shows. It was refreshing to hear you talk comics again Timmy.

When you left previously, I was pissed. Your old podcast is what got me back into comics, then you broke the fuck out.

Well, I'm glad your back and I'll send you a commercial in the next few days. I'd also like to get one from you to play during my podcast.