June 14, 2008

Episode 18:Marvin Status


XantesFire said...

Cemetries in general are a waste of space and a tribute to failure and people's obsession with myths.

"Slim Goodbody?" dude, that's gay.

What's up with Jim's hair as he dies? It keeps moving. Is that a sympton of aids? Or is the Hulk passing gas and that's the real reason Jim could barely speak and dies. Silent and deadly.

Why solo Magneto and Wolverine movies instead of full cast X-Men 4? because now you only have to pay one big actor instead of the whole cast. Plus their salary doesn't go up as fast as when they appear in an X-Men related movie.

Back in the 90's there was a movie about a sorcerer protecting the earth, battling evil forces in New York City. I can't remember the name. It was really good. Even Wizard magazine called it the Dr. Strange movie until they made a real Dr. Strange movie. Guy didn't need to dress funky to do his magic. Just a black cloak and an amulet. I should know it's name I owned it til it broke.

thoom said...

Dr. Mordrid. I tried watching it a couple days ago, but it is so bad I couldn't finish it. I'll take another stab at it some other time. Just like I intend to get thru the Man Thing and Nick Fury movies some day.

That movie was supposed to be called 'Dr. Strange', but there was a problem with licensing of the name, so they changed the title and took out all references to the Marvel character.

Mordid did wear the funky outfit. He just didn't have the funky designs on his shirt like Strange.

ANd 'Wizard' needs to shut up because there is a 'real' live action Doc Strange movie, made before Mordrid. A TV movie from 1978.

XantesFire said...

Yeah I forgot about his blue battle jumpsuit. The villian was over the top bad actor, but the rest was ok in a b level low budget way. Demon claymation was foul.

1978 Dr Strange, man even when I was 8 and saw it on tv I thought it was corny. Stan Lee was the consultant and this had less to do with Dr Strange that Dr. Mordrid.

Vichus Smith said...
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Vichus Smith said...

Don't worry, T Mafia, I was with you on the Excel Saga reference. Tim's not down with "japanimation" as he probably still calls it.

How come we don't have more AIDS specials in comics, now? AIDS is kinda passe now, isn't it? You don't people screaming about it as an epidemic anymore. Everyone's got the Magic Johnson cocktail now.

Also, they totally pull the wool over your eyes in the Hulk Trailer. There's more going on in the Hulk movie than you see in the trailer, and they put certain clips out of order.

Speaking of movies, I don't know what T Mafia wanted from Iron Man. Did he want more- what? There was no story? I hate when people go to extremes like that.

T Mafia said...

Oh, both of the big Marvel flicks this year were okay overall (I guess); I just can't stand everyone shitting on the thoughtful Ang Lee Hulk film and praising this WWE-with-CGI version just 'cause it's more like the old TV show, let alone all this hysteria where you have people raving that Iron Man (aka "Dude, Where's My Plot?") is the "best superhero movie ever" and actually believing it.

On the other hand, both were steps up from Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four 2...

Vichus Smith said...

I really loved Iron Man. I would say that it's the best comic book movie, but I think that Batman Begins had a lot going for it as well.

So, T Mafia, what comic book movie would you have the crew of Iron Man sit down and watch to improve upon their plot?

T Mafia said...

I would take whoever wrote Iron Man, sit them in front of the first Spider-Man movie, and explain (while speaking verrry slowly), "This is how you tell a story. Notice how things are actually happening here as opposed to your little screenplay where stuff just blew up for two hours."

Not that Spider-Man's quite the best superhero movie, either. That'd still be Batman Returns.

Vichus Smith said...

I bet you there was more action in the first Spider-man than in Iron Man. I don't believe that there's no story to Iron Man. you learn his history right off the bat, you learn about his parents, his reckless attitude, his relationship to Jim Rhodes, Pepper Pots, and Obadiah Stane.

I would be into your negativity towards the flick if you didn't go for total exaggeration. Out of all the criticism I've heard, "no plot" is the least valid to me.

Now if you said that the final fight between Iron Monger and Iron Man was lame, or that it made no sense that the terrorists were totally clueless as to what Stark was building in that cave, then sure, call it a flawed movie if you want.

T Mafia said...

I do agree about the terrorists. They had more than enough goons to use as cannon fodder, after all; I'm sure they could've spared one dude to keep an eye on what Stark was doing.

thoom said...

>>I would take whoever wrote Iron Man, sit them in front of the first Spider-Man movie, and explain (while speaking verrry slowly), "This is how you tell a story.>>

WTF!? It was the SAME story from the minds of Lee and (and your boy)Kirby: A gifted person is inspired to use his gifts for good only after a tragedy/near death experience*. Our hero then discovers his surrogate father figure(Stane/Osborne) is an evil bastard. Hero dispatches of evil bastard.

*A cynical statement about human nature.

thoom said...

>>I just can't stand everyone shitting on the thoughtful Ang Lee Hulk film and praising this WWE-with-CGI version >>

Dear Peter David Jr:

Hulk ain't thoughtful. Hulk Smash.

T Mafia said...

The difference in Spider-Man's origin as opposed to Iron Man's is that Peter Parker wasn't a total flaming asshole in the first place like Tony Stark was!

Stark was actually in Spidey's (funnybook) origin story: they just called him Flash Thompson.

And Peter David's "Professor" Hulk was great because he could think and smash at the same time, unlike the current movie's retard Hulk.

Vichus Smith said...

This Hulk was actually very smart. How do you stop lightning from striking? Throw a boulder at it? How do you beat someone who's stronger than you? Rip a car apart and use them as boxing gloves to augment your punches.

Brilliance, no?

T Mafia said...

I will spend the rest of my life trying to forget that image of the Hulk using car doors as boxing gloves. And I will fail.

Vichus Smith said...

Apparently, in addition to using the comics for references, they also used the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction video game for ideas.

Anonymous said...

The Hulk movie was freaking awesome!
So was Iron Man.
I used to like DC more than Marvel but now it's the other way around because of the movies. They should keep them coming.
I can't wait to see Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.


Vichus Smith said...

So do these comic movies make you want to read more? That's what Marvel and DC would hope.

I'm fingers crossed that the solo Wolverine movie is good enough so that Deadpool gets a spin-off. I have faith in Ryan Reynold to at least embody Deadpool well enough. The Wolverine movie itself? Ehhhh.

Anonymous said...

Definitley, the movies put that character on my mind and make me go and find the comics.