June 16, 2008

Episode 19:The Smokers' Club


Vichus Smith said...

Wow, you pulled in all the guests for this episode!

I have to begrudgingly state that I have been wrong about Kingslee. I am convinced that he is actually bisexual- he loves cocks and strap-ons in is ass!

I think we need to get T Mafia in as the head of childrens programing on Fox TV. It's better than the weak cartoons they play now. R Rated cartoons all fucking day!

I'm pissed that Cartoon Network has put all their good stuff on at some dumb hour of the night. Let the kids see some Death Note!

BTW, Tim, when is Kingslee going to review the All Nippon Air Line manga?

XantesFire said...


Shhhh. Just noting, Gay men seem to worship certain women as their diva icons. Like Annie Lennox, Madonna, Betty Page, Celine Dion, Marilyn Monroe. Not sure if they want to be like them.(They do sometimes dress like them.) Or hang out or what. I think Silk could be classified as a diva.
I would have thought Kingslee might have preferred Stepson http://www.stormbringers.com/gallery8.htm

I missed it if it was said if Stormbringers' full run was released or if it came out in a tpb. Everything I could find online basically said 1st issue out a year ago, then nothing else.


Sure Marvel can ban smoking since it's a private company and if they wanted to they could remove all the black people and sidewalks too. But it wouldn't seem realistic. Some characters are well established as smokers. Logan and Ben, smokers. Maybe Ben could choose not to smoke cause he's worried about health issues, but why Logan? He has heighten healing ability.

I really didn't know that the whole thing was cause Quesada's father died from lung cancer. Hope the next editor in chief's mom wasn't killed by a hit and run or you'll see everyone riding horses. Imagine if an editor for the Transformers' mom was killed by a truck. "Okay, Optimus can transfer into a vending machine. Yes, Magatron can be a gun again, but no trucks, you hear me?! No Trucks!! Mama, I'm doing it all for you."

I used to smoke for 2 reasons. Smoking gives you a small relaxing high and cause it gives you something to do while waiting and doing nothing. I never smoked cause I thought it looked cool or cause a comic book character smoked. I don't wear tights and a mask, even though Spiderman looks cool. Spiderman underwear is a different issue.

Some people do pick up smoking cigarettes to look cool but Logan smoking cause it looks cool? Most people smoke cigars because they have a flavor that taste good. When I was a kid I wanted to smoke cigars like my grandfather, not cause he was cool. He was fun but not what I would classify as cool, but cause they smelled good. Sounds like Quesada doesn't understand the Logan character, Logan seems more like he picked it up cause he likes the smell. Plus I think he said somewhere it also temporary dulls down his senses from smelling too much humanity.

Quesada has no idea what he's talking about or lying about the facts. I feel like giving him a puppy and then running it over a week later.

Saturday morning cartoons.

Wow. I just checked out the Saturday morning cartoon line ups on wiki. I remember my plotted schedules from when I was 4 in 1974 and every year until 1994 when I used to go to work early on Saturdays. I feel sad, not sure if cause all the time wasted or cause I want to do it all over again.

Nowadays any cartoon I want to see I just dvr it or buy the boxsets, skip the commercials.

Vichus Smith said...

I guess Korby Marks isn't bringing the storm anymore, but he still is about that book on his myspace. He's got a cute chick in his friends list too...

Anyway, I know that the EIC brings his own bias and perspective to a comic book company, but Joe Q's delusional to think that kids are smoking simply because they see a comic book character smoking.

First of all, how many kids are reading Marvel as compared to their younger days? James Dean was the perfect reference for Joe Quesada to use, because kids haven't been fawning over Marvel Comics heroes since James Dean was still relevant.

Joe Q's a cornball.

I was suspicious of Kingslee's affinity for women since he told that story of that "super hot model" he had to end up breaking up with. I wonder if her name was Casper.

XantesFire said...

Actually I don't think it's so bad now that the Stormbringers might not be coming anymore, I read a few character bios on the site.

I keep trying to think if I ever smoked cause I saw some media that made smoking cool and I can't. I started smoking after I found out I can have smoke breaks at a job. If I didn't smoke, no break. Quesada is so wrong.

I used to work at Saks 5th ave. I saw alot of hot models and saleswomen and sometimes their boyfriends would show up. Some of my friends used to comment on the boyfriends being gay. I thought they were just jealous.

Later a gay friend pointed out that many were indeed gay, he dated a few. He told me there were many reasons and most girls knew they were gay. Like some girls too into their careers and just needed a fake bf to keep guys away or someone who looks pretty with her, or someone who knows the right parties. For some of the guys who are in denial, either the prettiest girl are the only ones who can get a rise out of them or to show off to others that they "can't be gay, look at my hot girlfriend".

So I believe he had a super hot model girlfriend, I just think she finally understood the situation.

Vichus Smith said...

I think that for a majority of people, entertainment has just gotten people either inspired to do things that were positive.

Also, I think we should get off of Kingslee's back- the next few years for him struggling with his sexuality are going to be hard. Hard, like the meaty cocks he dreams of.

XantesFire said...

So let the smokers in comics, movies, etc inspire people to make cancer free smokes.